A while back Zack Snyder informed the fans that the production process for Batman vs Superman was a lot farther along than many expected, and now we have some proof of that. Some of the first scenes for the film have been completed, and a video of the Batman vs. Superman football game filming has made its way online, thanks to SadPuppy Productions.

The footage shows Snyder on a football field with the crew, where they are filming a college football game between Metropolis State University, and Gotham City University. One of the production assistants gives instructions to the crowd of extras about the two football plays they’ll be filming. The first play is one that fans should become very excited about, but the second is one that they should be very displeased about. The crowd follows their instructions very well, and at the end of the play, a fight breaks out between the two teams.

The crowd gets very involved in their roles, chanting “GCU” and “Gotham” at different intervals, and it’s clear that one of the fans decided to be that one guy in the crowd who yells whatever comes to his mind and annoys people throughout the game. I hope audio mixes him out down the line, if they picked him up at all.

There’s not much here for us to make a judgement about the film overall, but I find it significant that a fight broke out between the two teams. Perhaps that’s a foreshadowing technique that Snyder and company are using to show the conflict between the two cities that will eventually be embodied by the two superheroes. If so, that makes me a bit more excited for the film.

What do you think about this Batman vs. Superman football game footage? Did you like getting to see a taste of what we’ll be seeing in 2015? Why don’t you just tell us what you think in the comments below?