Remember Haley Joel Osment? He broke out in The Sixth Sense, was part of the Steven Spielberg sci-fi movie AI and then starred in the highly underrated Second Hand Lions. Then he disappeared. Well, he’s coming back and has two movies lined up including Kevin Smith’s Tusk.

For those who don’t know, Tusk is a movie starring Justin Long as a guy who is paid to live with Michael Parks under the agreement that he dresses up like a walrus and only does what a walrus would do. This is the movie Smith is making to secure the money he needs to make Clerks 3.

Osment will star as Long’s character’s best friend and podcast partner who is searching for him in the Canadian wilderness.

After that, Osment will join Max Landis for his next movie Me Him Her. There is still no word on what this movie is about, but it’s Max Landis, so I am automatically interested. Osment joins a cast that already includes Geena Davis and Scott Bakula.

Scott Bakula in a Max Landis movie? I’m sold.

What do you think about Haley Joel Osment making a comeback? Can he still make it without being a cut kid anymore? Chime in below.