So, there might be a new Star Trek TV series coming. It might be written by Roberto Orci. There’s no definitive news on this front. The movie and television rights are owned by two different organizations (Paramount for the films and CBS for the TV show), which means that some serious negotiating is going to be a prerequisite before the commencement of any development work. No word of potential plotting or timing for the series has come out, but it’s safe to assume they must be aiming for a 2016 release – in line with the 50th anniversary of the original series.

It does seem like the logical next move though. J.J. Abrams has moved his mystery box from the final frontier to a galaxy far far away. Unless the Star Trek universe wants to turn the series over to a new director, the television option seems promising. It has recent precedent in Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Both would theoretically take place in the same universe as the movie franchise, and enable the story to get pushed in new directions providing depth and possible crossovers.

I don’t love Roberto Orci (or his BFF Alex Kurtzman). I think they both tend to be a little self-indulgent in the way that they convolute simple plots by adding a whole bunch of unnecessary #intrigue. I do think they are talented though, and maybe with a smaller canvas they’d have to reign it in and display the restraint that was 100% lacking in Into Darkness.

This isn’t the first time a new Star Trek TV show has been proposed. There were rumblings about a potential Woorf-centric show a while ago. I’d watch the F outta that.

Do we even need a new Star Trek TV series? Should it revolve around the new Enterprise? Do we have faith in Roberto Orci? Join me in the comments, but please be civil. Keep the phasers set on stun.

Source: Screenrant