Confession time: I love magic. Obviously I love Harry Potter, Gandalf, Doctor Strange type magic. The kind of magic that is Superman’s less well known weakness (that’s a fact look it up – magic and kryptonite). I also love slight of hand, and illusions of all sorts. David Copperfield, Chris Angel, Houdini, all of that business. I’m a huge fan. I also am a huge fan of celebrities doing weird stuff. That combination of things about me has me very excited for David Blaine’s upcoming magic show on ABC. It airs in November (there hasn’t been an official date released yet), and it’s going to be spectacular. Blaine takes his unique street magic ability into the homes of numerous celebrities. Those celebrities include Woody Allen, Robert De Niro, Stephen Hawking, Katy Perry, George W. Bush, and most importantly Kanye West.

This is spectacular news. When I read the news I grabbed my roommate and yelled, “What a day!” I yelled it right in his face because I was THAT excited. I still am THAT excited. I can’t wait to see the reactions of these people, and the other celebrities involved too. I can only imagine Kanye West pays David Blaine sixty-three million dollars in ancient artifacts for the rights to utilize his secret techniques in his next music video. We all know Woody will try to figure it out. Dubya will almost certainly just believe that it’s all real. Katy Perry’s head will explode. Robert De Niro I have no predictions about. There are also more people on the list, and they will be excellent too. Are you judging me for being so hype? Are you on #teammagic? Will you drink the kool-aid with me? I’m going to lock myself in the comments for 72 hours while my cage slowly fills with lava. Come on down and see the show!