Let me say something before I launch the S.S. Millar Rant into the seas of infuriated internet commenter. I totally think that Nemesis could be a fantastic movie. The comic book plays well with discussions that are currently in the air about the role of superhero iconography in contemporary cinema. The inversion of the billionaire egoist as supervillain would contrast well with the proliferation of Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne in the mainstream.

I do have issues with the comic book. It’s dark for dark’s sake in that classic Millar way. The plot isn’t particularly excellent as far as its construction goes, but it is interesting. I think that the production process will cut out a lot of the unnecessary freak out moments (I’ve already talked about the worst of them). Joe and Matthew Carnahan are very talented writers. It could be really good. Now that’s out of the way. Let’s get down to business. MARK MILLAR IS SUCH A JERK.

Mark Millar

Pictured: The Worst

On his own webforum, Millar said “Nemesis is one of the most relentless and powerful screenplays I’ve ever read. I was actually SHELL-SHOCKED after reading it . . . I feel like someone in Julia Phillips’ office must have felt when Schrader’s TAXI DRIVER script first landed on their desk. This is going to be one of the best movies of the decade.”

People don’t do that! You don’t say things like that, unless you’re a jackhole. Conclusion: Mark Millar is a jackhole! Dude is allowed to be excited. He probably should be. I have no doubt that the script is excellent. Lots of scripts are excellent. That doesn’t mean you get to claim that this is amongst the best movies of the decade, especially before production starts and even more especially when there is at least half of the decade to go afterwards. It’s just so self-aggrandizing in the worst way.

I really do root for all movies to be good (even one’s based on comic books by men I have a lot of problems with), but asgkadoigawjhg this is so annoying. Is there anything good about Mark Millar? Why do we put up with him? Is it weird that I do expect this movie to be good? Let’s get together and send him so many angry emails! We’ll draft them in the comments.

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