BBC Worldwide has announced their plans to make two previously missing episodes of the classic Doctor Who series available for digital download.  While there have been no confirmations about which stories the Doctor Who lost episodes are from, they are both believed to be part of the Patrick Troughton era.

For me this announcement is just icing on the cake of what has already been a landmark year for the show.  I love the Patrick Troughton era and the fact that only a handful of his stories exist in their entirety is an unfortunate tragedy in the show’s history.

This is likely to only the fuel the fire in the rumors that BBC has found around 100 previously lost episodes.  As much as I would like that rumor to be true, I’m highly skeptical due to how long it took the BBC just to find the Doctor Who lost episodes that are available now.  BBC along with some hardcore fans have been searching for lost episodes for about 40 years now and haven’t even found half of them yet.  So naturally I find it a little far fetched that such a large batch would just show up out of the blue.

Even if only these two episodes end up recovered, between this, the 50th Anniversary Special, and the introduction of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor this is promising to be a nice couple of months for me and Doctor Who fans everywhere.

What Doctor Who lost episodes do you think (or hope) have been found?  Will you watch the 50th Anniversary Special?  Tell us your thoughts in our comments section.

Source: Spoiler TV