After only three episodes in, Sleepy Hollow has already landed a second season. Enough of us have been spooked and intrigued by this adventurous show to demand it. It’s the first show to get a renewal this season on the Fox network. The only thing viewers may not like is that they will more-thank-likely only get 13 episodes this season. The show had such a great premiere that it was Fox’s best since 2001 with “24”, according to It had over 13 million viewers.

It’s not hard to believe that the series is gaining such huge recognition if you have been watching it. Aside from the fact that it’s about Ichabod Crane and the headless horseman that we all grew up hearing, watching, or reading about, we now get even more of the story than we could have imagined. The story stays interesting with all the surprises thrown in like adding witches to the story or tying in other parts of history like the book of Revelations, the Revolutionary war, and the Boston Tea Party. Also, we get to see some of our favorite actors drop in like John Noble, who is supposed to have a recurring guest star role. He played the loveable, deep voiced Dr. Walter Bishop on the show “Fringe”. I cannot wait to see how his character will fit into things.

The main characters are played by some fantastic people as well: the very beautiful Nicole Beharie and Katia Winter; and the handsome Tom Mison and Orlando Jones.  The show plays Mondays at 9pm EST; 8pm CST.

Very soon we will finally learn the name of the mysterious evil being that’s causing all the trouble. If you visit the website for Sleepy Hollow or the Fox channel on, you can see some cool mini videos to get you in the mood for Episode 4, “The Lesser Key of Solomon”. They are about the Boston Tea Party and Katrina, Ichabod’s wife.

Here is one of them: