On the last Hawaii Five-0, McGarrett and Danny met a cowboy a long way from home, Kono and Adam fought to stay alive, and Catherine had a new job opportunity pop up.

The Breakdown

hawaii five-0Last week Hawaii Five-0 left off with Kono and Adam in trouble from the gunmen who had found their location. This week in ‘A’ ale Ma’a Wau’, Kono was no match for the gunmen and took them down so that she and Adam could escape. The two briefly contemplated staying together in their current location.

Max gave McGarrett the results from the DNA test that he was asked to perform. To everyone’s relief it was revealed that McGarrett and Wo Fat were not brothers. However, the question of Doris’s interest in Wo Fat was still unanswered.

A visiting cowboy named Ray Harper (Tim Daly) who turned out to be a Texas Ranger paid a visit to The Islands. He was in search of his daughter who he thought was on a pleasure trip to Hawaii, but as he later found out she was there with her boyfriend. More so than that is that Harper had not heard from his daughter and knew something must be wrong.

hawaii five-0In the meantime, McGarrett found out that Catherine was offered a job by a former “acquaintance”. Catherine told McGarrett that she was not sure she was ready for that job or leaving the military. Danny seemed to agree with her but only for the fact that working with an ex-boyfriend could put McGarrett and Catherine’s relationship in jeopardy. But, in the end McGarrett told Catherine to take the job. It seemed to be just the right thing to say to her because the twosome held a long embrace at Grace’s baseball game (weird) which all three adults were coaching.

After finding the man that Harper’s daughter was with, the three dads then on a mission together found out that money was to be delivered to specific people on the island. Instead, the group of thugs took the daughter and “sold her”. When the group was taken down by McGarrett, Danny, and Harper they ended up at the docks where after some searching they found the missing daughter.

The Analysis

hawaii five-0Eh. That pretty much sums up my feelings about the most recent episode of Hawaii Five-0. The cowboy story was just not all that interesting. I am a Tim Daly fan and it was nice to see him in the show, but the story line was not very exciting to me. I wish they had concentrated more on the story with Kono and Adam. This episode was just a letdown after last week’s big bang of a season premiere.

It seems like they keep trying to pack more and more into each episode. Some might find that good; I find it distracting.  They cut to this scene, cut to that scene, throw in something about a different story, and then cut to another scene once again.

Do you share my opinion on the last episode of Hawaii Five-0 or do you think I am way off? What about all the stories they keep packing in? We would love to hear your comments!