After years of vampires hogging all the media spotlight, Victor Frankenstein’s monster is finally going to be returning to the silver screen. In the new film, I, Frankenstein, the titular monster is now over 200 years old and goes by the name Adam. He gets caught up in a war that holds the fate of humanity in the balance, and he discovers that he holds the key that could wipeout humanity.

The Dark Knight‘s Aaron Eckhart plays Adam, and he’s probably the best-looking version of the monster that Hollywood has ever seen, despite the character living for over two centuries. He’s joined by Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Otto, Jai Courtney, Bill Nighy, and Aden Young for the rest of the cast.

The new I Frankenstein trailer is enclosed for your enjoyment.

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Wow. This is going to suck. I’m usually pretty good about being nonjudgemental with films I haven’t seen, but I can’t find one element of this film looks appealing to me. It looks like they got every single thing wrong about the story of Franksenstein. Mary Shelley is probably rolling in her grave. Instead of building my interest for the project, this trailer has pretty much told me I shouldn’t spend a single dollar on it at Redbox, much less ten at the box office.

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Source: /Film