Despite some bad buzz prior to it’s release, World War Z managed to become perhaps the biggest surprise hit of the summer.  However, according to an article from The Hollywood Reporter about Brad Pitt’s studio Plan B Entertainment, despite the film’s critical and financial success, World War Z director Marc Forster will not be returning for the planned sequel.

This is an understandable move on both sides since it’s unlikely that either Forster or the studio is eager to repeat the production nightmares that so publicly plagued the first movie.  Among World War Z’s numerous problems were several weeks worth of re-shoots, multiple rewrites, and a six month delay in release.

Even though I wasn’t crazy about the number of liberties they took with the source material (and by liberties I mean absolutely nothing like the book), I still think that World War Z managed to be a surprisingly solid zombie thriller.  If Pitt and Plan B do indeed move forward with a sequel I will gladly check it out and if they think they can make a better movie with a different director then more power to them.  However, nothing is really official yet since they are still in the very early stages of pre-production.

Do you want to see a sequel to World War Z?  Who do you think should direct it?  Why don’t you give your thoughts in the comments section below?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter