The Breakdown

Episode opens up with Unser in his bachelor trailer. He opens the door and catches a fist right to the face before being pinned down by masked men who then unsheathe a knife.

At Jax’s place, Tig appears and says that Pope’s men showed up last night, not the prospects. He thought it was all going down, but he says they were looking for Jax, and that he needs to get a hold of him.

WolfsangelOver at the brothel, Roosevelt is there looking for Nero. He delivers the news about the hooker’s death, along with a warrant to search his truck.

Jax meets up with August, and learns that what happened with Tig was just a test of loyalty. He tells Jax that if he hooks him up with the gun distribution, he’ll consider Tig’s debt paid.

Gemma arrives at the shop, unable to find Unser. She heads into the office and sees he’s been hung up, with a giant swastika carved into him. Everyone arrives, along with a few members from the San Dino chapter, one of them is played by Robert Patrick, and the other is Matt McNamara from Nip/Tuck. Gemma gets a call from Wendy, who says she was contacted by Tara’s lawyer regarding guardianship. Jax tells the group about what’s going on with Clay, and they decide to visit Darby in order to find out what Nazi group is messing with’em. After the meeting is over, Chibs has a talk with Jax, and tells him that he’s making decisions on his own, which isn’t how things work. He accuses Jax of being just like Clay, something he doesn’t approve of.

Lee meets up with the DA, in which he’s told to get Clay to sign the agreement by day’s end, or his run is over.

WolfsangelNero’s being interrogated by Roosevelt, and one of the things they discuss is Marshall Lee and his harsh integration tactics.

Wendy & Gemma are chatting it up, with Wendy talking about how she’s afraid of Tara, and that it seems like she’s disconnected. Luann shows up, and tells Gemma what’s been going on with Nero.

The boys catch up with Darby, who now works at a wood-working shop. He acts like he knows nothing, but soon he talks about a former Chino mate, Garber, who’s trying to establish a hold out here. They get Darby to take Tig & a prospect out to the guy’s land, and Juice tags along. He hangs with Darby back a ways, while Tig & the prospect head up to the main entrance. Things don’t go as planned, as Juice & Darby are caught. They quickly take control of the situation and get on their way. One of the Nazi folk is played by Derek Mears, which is sweet. Always sweet.

Jax, Chibs and Happy meet up with the Irish, who are pretty much forcing them to take the KG9s. They let Jax know that he’s not getting out of guns, as it’s all part of the greater good. Oh, the Irish are looking to nab the Perfect Village Award?

WolfsangelGemma shows up at the station to vouch for Nero. While there, the results come in of Nero’s search, and of course they find the evidence. Roosevelt isn’t having it, and orders all files on Lee Marshall to be brought in.

At the pokey, Marshall catches up with Clay, and tries to talk him into signing the affidavit, which Clay has no intention of doing. Clay is taken to the infirmary to meet Otto, as a way of showing him just what the Marshall can have done to you, and when they hug, he hands him his shiv. Later, the Marshall tries once again to persuade Clay, but it doesn’t work.

Jax meets up with Juice & Tigs to catch up on what happened, when he gets a call that the Irish have shown up with a load of guns. Once off the phone, the Irish immediately blow the brains out of Phil & a prospect. They then cut them into pieces.

Roosevelt goes through some of Marshall’s files, and then tells Nero he can leave, but they need to keep his truck. He and Gemma leave, and Nero tells her that he needs to separate himself a bit from The Sons for a minute. That doesn’t mean he wants to separate from Gemma, on the contrary, as he tells her loves her. They head back to the shop and catch up with Jax.

At the hospital, we find out that Tara & Wendy are working together. Uncer walks in, and then quickly excuses himself.

WolfsangelOutside of the Nazi camp, the Sons load themselves up with KG9’s and head on in. It doesn’t take long for them to level everyone that comes outside. Jax then tells them to wipe down the guns, stash’em inside, and burn the place down.

The Marshall shows up at Otto’s place, and asks him to give him something, anything to use against Clay, in exchange for comfortable lodgings. Otto agrees, and starts writing. Of course, when it’s revealed what he’s written, the Marshall is none too pleased. He goes to strangle Otto, who then delivers a few quick stabs of the shiv. He puts the blade to the Marshall’s throat, and when the guard comes in he says to leave. He admits that he didn’t see this coming.

End of the Episode Musical Montage: Otto kills the Marshall, and then the guards finally kill Otto. We see Uncer getting a tetanus shot. Chibs, Juice, Jax, Happy, and Tig then burn the cuttes of the two members killed by the Irish. Nero & Gemma put the boys to bed.

The Analysis

Sons keeps the season strong with another great episode. One of the reasons I’ve always enjoyed the show is that things can happen at any time, often going off any plan you may have thought they had. I assumed we’d see the Marshall through to at least near the end of the season before he was dealt with. Then, not only is he killed off, but so are two members of the Sons. Tara continues her role as one of the more obnoxious wives in history. Had she been coerced into this life, then sure, I’d understand. But Jax tried to push her away as best as he could, and she insisted. Now she wants to cry foul? Pish tosh I say. Pish tosh.