The Breakdown

Dr. Ellen Sanders is being questioned by the secret service about the delay in the president’s surgery due to the blood thinner that she discovered. While the questioning agent leaves the room the other secret service member asks “how are her new houseguest” implying that there are a lot more people in on this scheme.

Invisible LeashWhen Ellen rushes home she finds her family missing. Duncan leads her downstairs into the basement where we see her family bound and gagged. Duncan tells her one of them must die and she has to pick. Being hesitant Duncan tells her that her husband, Brian will die and she has to shot him. Duncan gives Ellen the gun to shoot her husband. Duncan counts to three which is her signal to shoot, when he gets to three Ellen tries to shoot Duncan but the gun is empty. Duncan loads a clip in the gun and fires.

Duncan doesn’t kill anyone, he sent a warning shot to scare the family. The family is led upstairs when Ellen is forced to implant a GPS chip inside them. The family will go back to their normal lives. Duncan’s team will track them by cloning their cell phones and tablets and the GPS tracking system, warning them if they tell anyone they will die. Maria a member of Duncan’s team displays her concerns to Kramer that this is supposed to be a 24 hour blackmail job and didn’t know they were trying to kill the president. Maria also finds out the Brian has been sending texts to someone. Upon finding out this info Duncan has Maria take Brian for a ride.

Invisible LeashMaria takes Brian to his mistress house, so that he stays in his usual routine. Jake is worried about the money that he owes Nikko the drug dealer he is working for. Morgan is talking to her mom about why she didn’t kill the president so that this can all be over. Duncan leaves the Sanders’ house in order to check on his daughter Sawyer. When Duncan goes downstairs where we see Quentin Creasy and Duncan’s father Burton (who also is aware about the plan for the president). A flashback is shown from 6 months in the past. Where Quentin Creasy, white house chief of staff, is explaining to Duncan the plan to kill the president and that this is done to shape the face of history. Quentin Creasy is also concerned about the secret service finding out about Dr. Sanders giving the president the blood thinner. Brian finally gets back home and Ellen gets a text to be at the hospital at 8am to take a lie detector test.

Ellen takes a lie detector test and passes. One of the surgical nurses, Angela is freaking out because the secret service is questioning her about the medication the president received. Duncan is trying to convince Ellen to make Angela admit that she may have given the president the wrong medication. Ellen speaks to Angela in the hospital to get her to admit guilt so that charges are not brought up. Duncan is finding out that the secret service is coming closer to the truth, that Ellen may have taking the medication. Duncan wants the investigation closed by having Angela as a scapegoat.

Invisible LeashAngela leaves a note at Ellen’s office to meet her at a bar because she needs to talk. Angela is waiting for Ellen at the bar where a man approaches her trying to hit on her. Kramer comes up to Angela pretending to be her boyfriend so that the man hitting on Angela leaves. Ellen finally makes it to the bar and Angela is nowhere to be found. Ellen asks the man who was hitting on Angela if he has seen her, he says that he left with a man. Ellen goes to Angela’s house to see if she is home. No one answers the door. One of the secret service agents comes to Angela’s house as Ellen is about to leave because he wanted to ask Angela more questions. Ellen goes home and notices that Kramer is not there. Morgan runs in and tells everyone to turn on the TV. The news relays that Angela’s car has been found near the Chesapeake and that Angela left a suicide message on Facebook. Ellen rushes upstairs and charges Duncan claiming the he killed Angela. Duncan explains that Ellen killed Angela because she did not do a good enough job at convincing Angela to admit guilt.