This is great news that could really cause some horrible news to quickly follow. Deadline just reported the exclusive news that Daniel Cerone and David Goyer are bringing a DC Comics based Constantine TV show to NBC Television. That is the great news.

The bad news is that Guillermo Del Toro was planning on making a movie based on the Justice League Dark and he wanted Constantine in that movie. That was one of the most exciting movies I was looking forward to. Del Toro kicked some butt with both Hellboy and Blade, where he directed the superior Blade II.

Constantine has already been seen in a movie before with Keanu Reeves playing the character in a 2005 movie that is highly underrated.

The character of Constantine is one that neither Heaven nor Hell wants and fights what he sees as injustice on both sides of the fence. He also has mystical powers, so this TV show seems like it could be very similar to Supernatural when it comes to the overwhelming storyline.

The new Constantine TV series will be written and executive produced by Cerone, who also created The Mentalist. With the fantastic Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD joining Arrow and the upcoming Flash and Gotham, this gives comic book fans five fantastic comic book TV shows, with four of them based on DC Comics properties.

Are you excited about the new Constantine TV show? Would you be disappointed if it means Guillermo Del Toro can’t use the character in his movie? Chime in below.

Source: Deadline