That’s right, Renegades! Somehow, Del Toro pulled a global hit at the box-office, but it was no thanks to American audiences. Who do we have to thank for this achievement? That would be the Chinese!

According to the news, even though Pacific Rim failed to make an impact on U.S. soil bringing $101 million, but the overseas revenue has tallied in the amount of $306 million, totaling the global box-office pull at $407 million. Making this the highest grossing live-action original film of the year. Not bad for a movie that was expected to be a monstrous flop.

However, keep in mind this is only accounting for “original properties”, not long repeated franchises like Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, The Wolverine, and others.

pacific rim box-office

Not too surprising but the Asian market is a huge help for Pacific Rim’s success. The China box-office pull alone ended up around $111 million. This is very impressive considering the only other movie to dominate China is Iron Man 3, which ended up being the largest hit of the Summer.

Does this mean a sequel is now possible? Well, it helps the chances for sure. The movie obviously has a strong awareness now that it could warrant a sequel. It all varies on how well the film does profit wise when it hits the home market as well. Time will tell, but it’s a stronger possibility that a Pacific Rim 2 may eventually happen.