A girl I know once said, “there are only two things we really know for sure: we’re going to die, and Blue Ivy Carter is better than you.” I’d like to add one thing to this list of objective truths. Michael Jai White is the best. He was Spawn in that goofy yet totally awesome Spawn movie! More than that, way more, he IS Black Dynamite. Not only is Black Dynamite one of my favorite movies, it’s one of my favorite cartoons. Consistently hilarious, a more than capable dramatic actor, and a physical specimen, Michael Jai White needs more exposure.

On that note, I have some great news! White is joining the cast of Arrow as total badass Benjamin Turner also known by the WWE-esque moniker The Bronze Tiger. Bronze Tiger is a super sweet martial artist turned assassin. He is basically a combination of White’s most famous roles (without the returning from hell thing), and one he is uniquely suited to play as an established expert in many different forms of combat. None of this is news really. He joined the cast a while ago, but now there’s a picture. A silly picture no less.

I can’t really tell what’s happening. It looks like Arrow is in a not so good position with Bronze Tigers claws positioned to turn him into rich guy vigilante tartare. They do both look pretty terrified though. Maybe there’s a monster approaching. It could really be anything. All this picture really says is, at some point Steven Amell will escape from Michael Jai White, and I will be mad about it. Also, they’ll both be afraid of something, probably their moms. I do think White looks pretty weird in the picture, but I blame the photographer. What do you think?

Source: Screenrant