OzymandiasWe start off old school, with Walt & Jesse in the old RV, during what I believe to be their very first cook. Walt heads out of the RV to call Skylar, and tells her he’ll be stuck at the car wash for longer than expected. In the back round, it appears Jesse is playing ninja. This is when I feel the show was truly at it’s peak. I know things have to grow & evolve, but Breaking Bad was better when it had a more humorous side to it.

Back to the present day with the massive shoot out. Gomez is dead, and Hank is hurt. Jack is about to put a bullet in him, but Walt talks him out of it. He says he’ll give him all the money, $80 million, if he lets Hank go. He doesn’t take the deal and puts Hank down. Walt then drops to the ground in tears. The Nazis proceed to dig up the money, and then throw Gomez and Hank’s bodies in the hole. He tells them to take a barrel out and throw it in the Chrysler. He lets Walt go, to which he points out that Jesse is underneath the car. They drag him out, and before killing him, they decide to find out what he knows. So, they take him away. Before that though, Walt tells him he was there when Jane died. That he could have saved her, but opted not to. Jesse is then hauled off. Pretty incredible scene, as I thought perhaps it would be Walt & Jesse against the Nazi, but apparently Walt is pretty pissed at him.

Walt gets into his car, and proceeds to get on his way. While driving, the car dies, as it’s out of gas due to a bullet hole in the gas tank. Walt then gets out with his barrel, and rolls it into the desert. He finds an Indian who truly lives out in the middle of nowhere, and buys the guys truck.

Back at the car wash, Marie shows up. She speaks with Skylar about the phone call she had with Hank. She says she knows that there is good in Skylar, and wants to help her. She wants every copy of the DVD that Walt made to discredit Hank. She also demands that she tell Walt. JR

Back at Camp Nazi, Jesse, looking a bit worse for wear, is let out of his cell then taken to where the guys are cooking. He’s put on a runner, like you would with dogs, and shown a picture of Brock and his mother. It’s nice that they want to create a comfortable work environment, like a cubicle. I would have asked for a few of my horror & movie action figures.

At the car wash, Walt JR, Flynn, finally learns about what his father has done. He doesn’t take it well. Walt is back at home, packing up everyone’s clothes. I can’t imagine they’re going to be too keen on White Family Fun Day. Walt tells Flynn that he needs to hurry up and pack. They’re a bit skeptical, and hitting him with 20 questions. He keeps insisting that they need to hurry. Skylar pulls a knife and says nope, not gonna happen. We then go into a big family brew-haha, and finally Walt JR calls the cops on him, and Walt hits the skids with the quickness, first taking Holly.

The police are called in, and as they’re dealing with things, Walt calls. He talks a big game, even taking credit for Hank’s murder. I assume he’s doing this so Skylar seems like the good guy here, like the innocent. He drops Holly off at a firehouse, and then gets a lift from Saul’s “erase you from life” guy. And with that, we’re out…

Last Hit: Basically it’s ending just as I thought it would, but it was still pretty amazing that they actually killed Hank. Even though I completely blame Jesse for all the bad that’s gone on, I really hope he survives all this, and is able to exact some vengeance on the Nazi. That’s why I love a great villain, because few things are greater than seeing them get their due. It’s going to be rather incredible to see Walt come marching into Nazi HQ like the harbinger of death, mowing down people with a .50 cal machine gun. What he wants with the poison though I’m not sure, but do look forward to finding out. This was a hell of an episode, one of the very best of the series.