Don Jon Offers advice

JGL has made an insane career for himself in just a small period of time. He’s one of the handful of celebrities I greatly respect in the industry. Especially for the way he handles paparazzi and other douchebag outlets. Which if you haven’t seen that video titled “Pictures of Assholes”, check it out.

This guy works his ass off though and it shows. Hell, the guy has two starring roles in the next year or so; One being Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and one of which involves a movie he directed and wrote himself called Don Jon. Well, if you don’t already know, Gordon-Levitt plays a character who is addicted to porn. While promoting the movie, JGL himself offered some pretty cool words-of-wisdom to other Don Jons out there. Here is the quote:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Don Jon“If you’re not present, if you’re not paying attention to the person right in front of you, but instead you’re comparing them to these expectations — then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment, because the truth is, real life is so much more rich than any two dimensional image, but you’ll miss all that nuance if you’re busy comparing your life to these fantasies and wishing it was something and trying to get it to be that, rather than approaching with wonder for what it is.”

JGL also further elaborated the way technology makes it hard for people to maintain strong connections.

“I’m the last person to ask about mistakes in relationships, but I think the key is always communication and honesty. And if you’re not vigilant about trying to practice those, it’s tough. Connection is so hard these days with the Internet, with your PDA, and whatever else is going on. There’s so many things pulling your attention that you have to really carve out the time to connect with somebody.”

So damn true!

JGL definitely sounds like an intelligent guy though and has a level head on his shoulders. It’s too bad other child stars don’t try to follow the same career formula as this guy. However, it might be tougher for others though because they don’t have the range or drive. I, myself cannot wait to see his directorial debut Don Jon. If you haven’t seen the trailer, check it out below!


Source: Variety