We start off with a blonde kid getting ready for school, while we hear Jax working his book, and see how things are going. Chibs is the new VP, and Nero is beating in new members. Meanwhile, Clay & Tara are in the pokey.

We see how Otto is doing. He’s getting cozy with a fella. By cozy, I mean being raped. The Marshall shows up to let him know that he won’t be around much longer, but his friends will be coming by every morning.

Jax meets with Pope’s 2nd hand man. They talk about how Clay needs to go down, however he’s in protective custody. He still wants Tig, so he can make things right for Pope. He says once Clay is done, he wants him delivered.

We flash to a kid, who we believe to be Jax in the beginning, but it’s not. His mother is sleeping, and he kisses her goodbye. As he’s leaving, Dave Navarro shows up and enters the house.

Tara is in jail, talking with her lawyer, and they’re still unsure who ratted. She reminds her of the bail hearing the next morning before leaving. Jax meets the lawyer outside, and finds out Tara still doesn’t want him to see her like this. She tells Jax that both Tara and herself have a feeling Gemma has been behind this whole thing.

The pornstar chick that Jax use to bang shows up, says someone is hurt.

We catch up with Gemma at Nero’s place, as Jax arrives and says he needs to speak to her. They discuss Tara, of which Gemma denies setting her up. Then we see Opie’s wife, who looks like she’s been through quite a lot. Tortured, to say the least.  She says she was supposed to just do a normal shoot, but it turned into extreme torture porn. The more she begged them to stop, the harder they went. The club, as well as Nero and his boys, decide to make this right, obviously. But first they have to check with Braosky,  a former cop, now turned crime boss, who owns the docks.

Back in prison, we catch up with Lee, the retired Marshall, who’s taking a meeting with Clay. He wants to know what went down between Jax, as well as Gemma. He says he’s the one who’s been keeping him safe, and will continue to, if he gives up SAMCRO. He offers up his card, and tells Clay to make up his mind before the next shift change.

We catch up with Bobby, who has an apartment of some sorts, and is having things set up. Wendy shows up to the club house, and says she doesn’t want to be a guardian.

Out on the docks, the Persians are filming their array of torture porn. The Sons, as well as a few members of Nero’s crew show up, and play nice, until the Persians no longer play nice, and we have ourselves a gun fight. They manage to get control of things, and even throw one in a cage that was previously being occupied by a tied up & beaten woman. Things go well until the cops show up. They’re at the behest of Braosky, who’s played by the SUPER f’ing awesome Peter Weller. They apologize for stepping on his toes, and he seems OK with things. Man, does that new Robocop look God-awful as promised. Anyway, he says he keeps the cash at the Persian place, and things are cool.

Juice arrives back at the club with a prospect, who calls Gemma ma’am, she takes offense and puts his hands on her boobs. No more ma’am. Juice and Gemma talk about Bobby, and Juice says he may patch out of Redwood and go Nomad.

Back with Tara, Lee shows up and lets her know that he’s the one who set all this up. He says he’ll offer WitSec for her and the kids, a way to get out, if she gives up Jax. She of course says no.

Tig is told to go back to the Persians and let the guy out of the cage. Once he does, the guy says he doesn’t want to leave, but then he learns his lease is up, as Barosky had it terminated. He then tells Tig he hopes he sees their tapes, and finds his daughter being raped. Tig then does the only, I repeat, the ONLY sensible thing he can do, and drowns the guy in a tub of urine before adding a bit more to the pot himself. He then takes the cage the guy was locked in, and tosses it in the ocean, before sitting down and singing himself some Otis. I should mention that one of the things the Persians had in their studio was a bathtub filled with urine.

Back at the shop Braosky runs, Jax & Nero are meeting with a chick who wants to go legit Escort and needs a partner. They’re all about it.

Clay is about to go to gen-pop, but then tells the guard he wants a deal.

Jax heads over to the new escort lady’s place, and checks out the pad. She clearly wants Jax, as all women do, but he’s a faithful man. While there, he gets a phone call from the lawyer. Tara doesn’t want him at the bail hearing in the morning, she wants to do it alone. He sits around for a minute, taking it all in, and decides to help out with laundry at the request of the new  hooker lady.

At the shop, Chibs catches up with Juice. He says that Jax gave him a pardon, and he can’t do anything about it, but he has to deal with the rage. So, he proceeds to beat the shit out of Juice.

Later, we find Gemma, along with Nero and his son at a park for his birthday. Gemma gives him a gift, which is pretty sweet, a battery powered water gun. I use to love those things.

Lee, the Marshall, is having himself a nice bit of dope. I suppose after a day of wheeling, dealing, and having guys raped, you need to shoot up.

The kid from the beginning sits down on a bench, and readys himself for what I assume is something bad, as he has a forearm full of  what appear to be self-induced scars. He calmly pulls a Tech-9 out of his bag, along with an extra clip, and walks into the religious school, of which I assume he attends, and begins to open fire.

We get our custom ‘end of the episode montage’. firefighters, police, and EMTs are all at the scene of the shooting. Jax is with the new hooker lady, helping with laundry. The school-shooting kid’s mom is with Dave Navarro. Clay is back in his comfy cell. Tara is still in gen pop. Nero and Gemma make out outside of her house. Tig babysits Jax’s kids while Chibs fixes up Juice. Bobby seems to be working on Nomad plans. Lee, is naked and tripping out in his room. Tara proceeds to beat the hell out of another woman, while Jax meats the hell out of another woman.  And SOA Logo.

Final Thoughts: The Sons always know how to begin a season. This one doesn’t appear to be headed down as dark a path as 5, which is good, because that season was about as depressing as it gets. I’m really digging the Marshall character, as he’s the most interesting out of all the law-men who’ve tried to snag SAMCRO. I’m stoked that Peter Weller is part of the series now, and hope he becomes a regular. Really, there’s nothing about this season that I’m not looking forward to. Sons of Anarchy delivers the most quality product that money can buy. Breaking Bad may be King to most, but I’ll always contend that The Sons control the throne.