It really seems like Latino Review have most of the scoops these days – some true, others not, and yet others still to be determined. So, when a scoop comes from the site, it is usually one to at least take notice of, especially when it comes from Disney properties like Marvel. Today, Latino Review popped out a new scoop from Disney, this one from the upcoming Star Wars movie. It looks like the Millennium Falcon is going to be in Star Wars: Episode VII.

A source told Latino Review that

All of  post-production and re-shoots are to work around Abrams and Actors schedules. 90% of shooting in London. Also they are building the Millennium Falcon on at Pinewood. Interior is done.

With Han Solo a nice, ripe 71-years-old, that means he somehow held on to the rust bucket for a lot longer than betting odds probably thought he would. However, I don’t know if we’ll see a senior citizen Han Solo flying the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

With the story supposedly following his kids, as well as Luke’s offspring, maybe he will pass the Millennium Falcon off to his son. Whether or not his son will use it for evil or not is another story.

Han’s son in the Star Wars Expanded Universe went to the dark side, but Disney said they are ignoring the entire Expanded Universe, which sadly means no Thrawn. But at least we get the Millennium Falcon.

Source: Latino Review