Let the buzz begin! (Or continue; I’m not entirely sure.)

Here comes the official poster for Transformers 4:

Transformers 4

As you can discern from the image above, the official title for the fourth entry into the series will be titled Age of Extinction. For my money, it’s way more creative than some numerical play like Transf4mers or the like. But what does Age of Extinction refer to? (Side note: is this the “dark side” of Mars?) Is Mr. Sam Witwicky a goner, with an audience privy to his demise in at least a prologue? Nah, Shia Lebouf isn’t apt to make a cameo appearance in the face of the awesomeness that will be Mark Wahlberg. If this Renegade Reporter had to guess, it points to a completely new Decepticon threat that will once again call Optimus Prime and his Autobots into action. Word on the street also tells us that Dinobots will finally make a cinematic appearance; perhaps that’s what the Age of Extinction title points to?

Let us know what you think about the poster and title in the comments section below. Are you excited by a new direction in the pantheon of robotic Bayhem? Looking forward to another chapter in the relevant but somewhat irreverent Transformers film series? Feel free to sound off in full Renegade spirit!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter