Over the last couple of days there have been reports going around about Universal wanting to do another Matt Damon Bourne film, along with the return of Bourne Supremacy & Bourne Ultimatum director Paul Greengrass.

Matt Damon BourneThere was also talk about a possible feature that had both Jason Bourne & Aaron Cross, Jeremy Renner’s character from The Bourne Legacy.

Part of the problem here is that Damon said he would not return to Bourne without Paul Greengrass, so this is a deal where they have to bring back both or neither.

However, Universal is now denying that there’s any interest, or any talks with Matt Damon and-or Paul Greengrass. Some speculate that this could just be the typical “there’s nothing to see here” talk that a lot of company/studios do until a final deal is struck.

Honestly, I don’t see it happening. Matt Damon is doing fine without being Jason Bourne, and Jeremy Renner is doing great as the man to follow in his pen-fighting footsteps.

SOURCE: Film School Rejects