BuriedWe start off today with an old man leaving his house to go to work, and finding a good portion of the money that Jesse was throwing out of his window. The trail leads him to where Jesse has parked, leaving his car door open, and is simply laying on a carousel.

We see what’s happened now with Hank & Walt, as Hank has called Skyler to tell her all that he knows, I assume. Walt races to the car wash, but she’s no longer there, as she just left. We catch up with her, meeting Hank at a diner. He says he knows, and that she no longer needs to be his victim. She isn’t vibing with what Hank’s putting out there, and leaves.

At the storage facility, Saul’s two henchmen show up where Walt’s money is at, and before getting to business, they both take siesta on it.

Walt is at Saul’s office, and they discuss a few options, one of which being killing Hank, to which Walt says absolutely not. Saul’s guys show up with a van that has about 8 barrels, filled to the brim, with cash. Walt drives the van to a remote location in the desert and begins digging.

Back at Casa Del White, Skyler’s attempts to reach Saul or Walt are in vain, then to make matters worse, her sister shows up. She wants to know the details, but Skyler isn’t too forthcoming, but also doesn’t deny anything. She confronts Marie about Hank being shot having anything to do with Walt, and doesn’t get the answer she wants. Marie then decides to try to take Skyler’s baby, to which Hank thankfully intervenes. Which is good, because Marie would probably try and dye the baby purple like an Easter Egg.

We catch back up with Hank who’s finally done burying the money. He memorizes the coordinates, then gets a lottery ticket with the numbers. He heads home, and aims to take a bath but passes out instead.¬† When he wakes up, he tells Skyler that he’ll make things easy, and turn himself in, on one condition; Skyler keeps the money, as he’s worked too hard, and gone through too much to give it up. She says that Hank only has suspicions, and that their best move here would be to just keep quiet. Lay low.

Walt’s former business partner¬† shows up to where the new operation is. It’s in poor standards compared to what Walt was doing, and while she tries to talk sense into them about bringing things up to code, they won’t hear of it. So, she has them all taken out right there on the spot. She’s a bit of a bad-ass, even though she has to be walked through the sea of dead bodies with her eyes closed. Apparently she had Todd recruit his uncle & the gang to come and buy out the business.

Marie tells Hank that he needs to get the DEA in on this. The writers earn my complete respect when Marie makes a Lone Wolf McQuade reference. Hank says no go, because he knows when he goes in there and tells them this story, he’s finished. He wants to bring in Walt on his own, as a last act of glory.

At the station, Jesse has been arrested, and the cops want to know where he got the money. However, Jesse is simply acting like a coma victim.¬† Hank walks in to see what he can do about it, and then we’re out…

Last Hit: Kind of a lack-luster episode this time around. I mean, Jesse didn’t even have a single line of dialogue. I have to admit, while I dig Jesse’s humanity and such, I’m getting kind of tired of him being such a whiny bitch. Yeah, bad things happened, but that doesn’t mean you just lose your shit. Take the money, take care of yourself, and try to impact the World in as positive a way as you can. Don’t act like Mr. Rain Cloud all the damn time.
I suppose another reason this episode wasn’t that great was because we got two scenes where Skyler was talked to, and all she did was sit there and either cry or look worried. Not all that exciting.
Of course we’re all rooting for Walt, and I’m really looking forward to seeing him & Skyler act completely normal while Hank leaps around preaching otherwise.

I’ll see you next week…