KillersThis week starts off with Sookie & Alcide walking from the graveyard over to Bill’s when they hear a bit of commotion, and see it’s a bunch of vampires walking around in the day. Sookie meets up with Eric, meets Violet, and also talks to Tara for the first time in quite a while. From the window, Bill looks on with what appears to be sadness. Later, Pam tells Tara that she has to go look for Eric, while Bill attempts to use his powers, only to come to terms with the fact that they’re gone. He tells Jessica that he’s simply Bill Compton again, and that he’s done something terrible by allowing Sookie to be Warlow’s. Jessica tells him it’s never too late, and that he has to fight for her as well as his humanity. He tells Jason about this, who’s a bit upset at the news of Sookie being with the guy who killed their parents, but agrees it’s go time. Violet agrees too.

In the Fae realm, Warlow has just finished creating a May Pole. Sookie explains that while she keeps her promises, she doesn’t want to rush into things. She wants to date. Do things at a normal pace. Warlow looks reluctant, and decides it’d be best to cock back and smack the hell out of Sookie. He says hasn’t been waiting as long as he has so they can date.

Bill takes Dr. Takahasi out into the woods, and releases him. However, not before glamoring him and leaving him with a giant bag of money.

Jason heads on over to Andy’s place and asks if his daughter will help them get to the plane where Sookie his. Andy is quite quick to turn down such a notion, but Adilyn wants to help, as Sookie is the only other girl out there like her. Andy is displeased with this, but allows it. He tells Jason he isn’t going alone, and they stock up with stakes, and UV bullets.

Back on the plane, Warlow explains to Sookie about how she was right. He does just want to fuck her, and own her. That she’s going to bring back the joy that was lost with his tribe. Sookie makes an attempt to use her super nova ball, but this just pisses off Warlow more, as he binds her hands. Meanwhile, in the other dimension, the rescue group arrives, finding Billy waiting for them, who says he’s going with. Adilyn is unsure of how to use her light, and Bill says it comes from a place of fear. It’s on this que that Violet speeds things up by getting in her face, and tadow, they’re transported. You know, they’re lucky Warlow turned out to be bad. Other wise they’d have just come crashing in lock, stock, and barrel on a peaceful ceremony of love. Well, Bill immediately goes after Warlow, telling the others to grab Sookie and get out of here, which they promptly do. Bill & Warlow continue to do battle until Warlow uses his power to escape, however Bill grabs on at the last moment, coming back to the Earth plane with him, but also getting booted in the ribs for his troubles. Jason & the gang head back to his house, heading up stairs with Sookie & Violet, while Adilyn hides in Eric’s cubby. Warlow of course shows up, just after Sookie has been fed some of Violet’s blood, and makes quick work of everyone, dumping them in the cubby, and sealing it shut. He goes up stairs to find Sookie, who’s hiding in her bathroom. Just before he can do any damage, Grandpa Niles comes out of the portal doorway and grabs Warlow, allowing Jason to leap into action and stake Warlow, since Adilyn was able to get them out of the cubby using her light. Warlow finally does, as Sookie & Jason pull Gramps from the other dimension.

With the death of Warlow, all other vampires lose their power to walk in the sun, including Eric, who was sunbathing nude in the mounts of Sweden at the time. He bursts into flames, and that’s the last we see of him.

It’s now 6 months later

Bill has written a book called “And God Bled” about the entire ordeal he went through, and he’s currently going through the talk show circuit. One of the people watching him is Sookie, who’s now with Alcide. We catch up with Jason who now has Violet living in his basement, and still won’t let him have sex with her. I say he just stake her and get it over with. Nothing say it’s over like a stake to the heart.

The next day there’s a big gathering at a local church for an announcement from the town’s Mayor, Sam Merlotte. He says that tonight at Bellefleurs, the owner, Arlene, will be hosting a huge shindig that’s going to be a meet & greet of sorts. As Hep V has now become a rather large ordeal, vampires need safe donors, and people need protection. As those vampires that are infected are now roaming in packs and killing off town after town. Apparently the virus has mutated in some ways. So, the ordeal will be that people find out if they’re infected, and if not, they become a willing donor in exchange for protection. Seems like a pretty sweet deal to me.

The night of the party comes, and at one point Jessica leaves in order to head on over to Andy’s and tell him that he and his daughter have nothing to worry about. They have her protection, whether they want it or not.

Tara’s mother shows up, and says she did unspeakable things to her daughter, and can’t say she’s sorry enough. However, she can make up for it now by feeding her. Tara accepts, and dives in. I don’t know, I think her mom is purposely infecting her, as she’s that type of awesome mom.

Sookie & Alcide are there, but as they leave, Bill shows up. He says that he’d like to offer Sookie his protection. Alcide calls bullshit, because she has him. Bill says that he can growl all he wants, but he knows he isn’t enough against the infected. It’s at this moment they both smell something, and sure enough; the infected are here. Pretty gnarly looking group too, and there’s quite a few. One of which is Jason Mears, the guy who played Jason in the 2009 remake. They head for the group, and we’re out…

Final Word: Well, that was a hell of a season. Easily their best since season 3, and arguably the best they’ve ever done. During each episode, time seemed to fly by faster than the previous week, as each story line kept escalating and staying out of the territory of predictable or boring. Bill has always been one of my favorite characters, so to see him deal with hating being a vampire, to becoming a demi-God, and certainly enjoying it, was fantastic. The Vamp Camp scenario gave us some great bad-guys that were truly sadistic, and for once, human instead of supernatural. I think it’s great that this Hep V has created a sort of roaming, zombie vampire, and become far more of a problem than any sort of solution people were hoping for. I’m really looking forward to seeing people do battle with hordes of these things.
As for Eric, I don’t believe for a second that he’s dead, as you know Pam is going to show up at the last-minute to bury him underneath the snow or something.
All in all, a hell of a season, and the greatest compliment I can pay something of the arts is that I’m very much looking forward to more. Hopefully this time Anna won’t be planning on having any more kids, so we can get a full 12 episode run. I’ll see you guys over at the Breaking Bad recap.