Blood MoneyBlood Money starts off with some kids skating in a backyard swimming pool, which is revealed to be Walt’s old house. It’s been condemned, and taped off. Walt shows up, looking as he did in the first episode flashback, with hair and such. He breaks into the house, and we see “Heisenberg” spray-painted on the walls. Walt goes into his old bedroom and fetches the Ricin. He goes outside, and as a neighbor catches a glimpse of him, he says howdy, causing her to drop her groceries. Man, these bastards are brilliant. What the hell is going on?

We’re back to the present day now, as Hank walks out of the bathroom, with the realization of just who Walt is. He immediately leaves, and has a panic attack on the drive home, crashing through a fence. He’s all set though after a trip to the hospital, and once home he digs out the Gale files and compares the hand-writing, confirming his belief.

Next morning, Walt is at the car wash and suggests to Skyler that they buy another one, in order to launder the massive amount of money in their possession. The woman he was partners with shows up, and asks if he’d help right the ship. As the quality of meth has dropped to 68%. Walt doesn’t seem too concerned, however. Skyler tells her to GTFO, basically, and she does with the quickness.

Back at Hank’s, he’s ordered what appears to be all the files on everything concerning Walt’s operation. From Gus to Combo.

We catch up with Jesse who’s hanging out with Badger & Skinny Pete. Those two are discussing Star Trek, which is no longer engaging Jesse, so he takes the two duffel bags full of money and heads to Sal’s office. He’s giving 2.5 million to the family of the kid that was killed during the methylamine heist, and the same to Mike’s granddaughter. Saul says he will, but he calls Walt to help him deal with it. We see Walt is back at the cancer treatment facility, getting his chemo. The next morning, he shows up at Jesse’s house with his money, and wants to know what the deal is. Jesse says it’s blood money, and that he’s pretty sure that Walt killed Mike. Naturally, Walt lies to Jesse’s face, and tells him that he has to believe him.

Later that evening, it’s dinner time at Walt’s house, and we hear that Hank still isn’t feeling well. On that subject, Walt heads to the bathroom and begins to vomit. It appears that perhaps his cancer has come back, and he’s keeping it a secret. While in the bathroom, he realizes that the Walt Witman book is missing. He searches around the house to no avail, and assumes it’ll show up. He asks Skyler whats wrong with Hank, and she says it’s a stomach deal. This prompts Walt to head outside just to take a look around, and before heading inside he checks his car, and sure enough, finds a GPS device like the one he used on Gus.

We find Jesse hanging out in a parking lot, and when a bum asks him for spare change, he gives him a huge bundle of cash. This prompts him to drive around a gnarly looking neighborhood and toss out bundles of cash like the paperboy. Although there will be no obstacle course at the end of his deliveries, I assume.

Come morning, Walt stops by Hanks place. As he pulls up, Hank cleans up all the files and such before Walt gets a glimpse. He confronts Hank about the tracker, which prompts Hank to slug him, and then tells him that he knows everything. Walt of course denies this, and tells him that his cancer is back. He says he’ll be dead before he ever sees the inside of a jail cell. He then cautions Hank to tread carefully, and with that, we’re out…

Last Hit: Breaking Bad has arguably become the greatest TV drama of all time. The way they give you glimpses into the future without spoiling anything, making you want more than you already did. I didn’t think we’d get the Walt/Hank confrontation so soon this season, but I’m sure as hell glad we did. It was amazing, and something, as a fan since the beginning, I’ve been waiting years for. This has all the potential in the world to be their best season, and it seems like the entire world is watching.