big-hero-6-227x350Ever since Marvel joined forces with the Mickey Mouse Club, the one question repeatedly being asked is whether the two studios would in-fact make an animated film. Back in May, it was announced that this would actually happen but with a more obscure property known as Big Hero 6.

The Marvel Comic is about a teenage prodigy named Hiro who is forced to assemble a team of superheroes after a super-villain steals his invention. Hiro, his robot Baymax, and the superheroes must stop the villain from reigning terror on the city of San Fransokyo at all cost.

Big Hero 6 won’t hit theaters until November 7th, 2014 (Same weekend as Interstellar), but director Don Hall was at D23 to premiere footage and talk about the animated film.

According to the reportHall took the stage and commented that after his experience in directing Winnie the Pooh, he wanted to combine his two greatest loves being Disney and comic books. Hall explained while researching comics, he came across the property and discovered that Big Hero 6 allowed him to tell a superhero origin as well as a tragic story of a boy grieving the loss of his brother. Hiro then finds companionship in a robot named Baymax. The robot helps with Hiro’s healing process and as a return, Hiro makes Baymax into a “super-mech-warrior” robot by giving  him wings, red armor, and tons more mechanical features.

big hero 6 charactersThey then started a ssizzle reel of the animated film that introduced the other four superheroes included in the film who are Go Go a bike messenger, Wasabi No Ginger a sushi chef, Honey Lemon a chemist and barista, Fred a comic book fanboy.

Each member utilizes their talents in connection the armor Hiro designs for the hero. Sounds pretty cool.

Of all the things Marvel/Disney could have done as far as making an animated film, this sounds like the most intriguing. Germain Lussier of SlashFilm also indicates that the footage a had a “boyish, dream feeling of constructing your own Avengers or Justice League out of friends.” This description alone makes me super curious what kind of magic feeling is being put into the first Marvel animated film. Can’t wait.

To see test footage of Big Hero 6 follow this link.

Source: SlashFilm