Christopher McQuarrie announced via his twitter that he’s taking the job of directing Mission Impossible 5, the fourth sequel to the popular action franchise. McQuarrie was also the director of another Tom Crusie driven action film, Jack Reacher,


Apparently, the last M:I movie, Ghost Protocol, was suppose to set it up so actor Jeremy Renner, the apparent heir to all action thrones these days, became the lead. However, that film made the most money out of any movie in the entire franchise, so Tom Crusie is coming back.

I enjoyed Jack Reacher, and Cruse has absolutely no problem being a believable action star in his films, so all this Christopher McQuarrie news sounds gravy to me. While Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol made the most money, I happen to think that M:I 3 is the best of the batch. I mean, c’mon, Philip Seymour Hoffman, baby!

Christopher McQuarrie

SOURCE: The Dissolve