Remember when Thomas Jane made the short film ‘Dirty Laundry’ based on The Punisher and everyone ┬ádecided that was exactly how a Punisher movie should look? Well, Joe Lynch just did the same thing with Truth in Journalism, which features the Spider-Man villain Venom.

Most people remember when Sam Raimi used Venom in Spider-Man 3 and completely screwed up the character. Well, Lynch did it right. Most horror fans know Lynch from Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, the awesome TV show Holliston, and the upcoming Knights of Badassdom. Well, Lynch decided to make this short fan film about Venom, and it is a pretty solid effort.

He shot it in grainy black and white as a POV styled film, a documentary film crew following Eddie Brock around as he talks about being a vigilante. After seeing a few deaths, the crew runs out of money and wants to back out of the project, but Brock has other ideas. We get a good look at Venom at the end, and then in a post-credit sequence see another major Marvel bad guy in a cameo role making a snuff film.

Joe Lynch wrote and directed the Truth in Journalism short film and True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten stars as Eddie Brock. Check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.