Spawn castingFor a while, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane had been saying that there was a major star interested in a reboot of his once massively popular comic-book character, Spawn. There was tons of speculation, and recently at Comic Con, all rumors were put to rest when Jamie Foxx said the following in regards to projects he’s trying to make happen:

“Spawn is one, yeah. And Mike Tyson. Those are two roles I would just love to do. I’m aggressively pursuing them.”

McFarlane himself has been pushing for years to make the reboot happen, after the massive flop, Spawn, in 1997. He knows that in order to keep the reigns in his hands, it’ll have to be a labor of love, and not dollars. Says McFarlane:

“I’m 80% through the script, I did my due diligence, went around Hollywood… I listened to the pitch from all the big studios, but I just went, ‘nah, I need to make this small and tight and contained.’”

“And if we keep the budget small, they’ll allow me to do all of that. [But] if you blow up the budget… and I understand that. I wouldn’t hire me, either. But then I have to give it away.”

Since he has an Academy Award winning actor behind him now, I imagine it’s on a much faster track. And I for one would be more than happy to see an honest, bloody, dark as sin itself reboot of Spawn. For those that don’t know, Spawn is the story of a mercenary who’s killed, and in turn makes a deal with the devil to return to Earth. Since it’s the devil, he of course screws him over. He sends him back, but not as Al Simmons, but instead as a Hellspawn. A man with a symbiotic costume and powers from hell. So, instead of being with his wife & family, he has to sit back and watch as his best friend marry’s her, and raises his daughter. Very cheery stuff.

When I was a kid, I was a huge fan of Todd McFarlane, and thought Spawn was about as cool as cool got. One of my biggest accomplishments as a child was purchasing Spawn’s 1-10. Keep in mind, this was 1994-95, when Spawn was at his absolute peak, so it was no small task. When the film hit in the summer, I was ecstatic, and the only feeling that could match it was my disappointment when I finally saw it. It was absolutely terrible. Spawn looked terrible, especially the cape. I mean, how do they screw up the cape?! That’d be like Batman’s mask looking like Bruce Wayne was wearing a shoe with eye holes cut out or something. It was a travesty, and I’ve been waiting for someone, anyone, to pipe up and do the man some justice.

SOURCE: Screen Rant