Beverly Hills Cop IVSometimes things take so long that you think they’re going to remain wishful thinking for the rest of your days. Sometimes those, the Gods smile upon you, and this is one of those occasions. Even though CBS passed on the Beverly Hills Cop TV show that would have starred Brandon T. Jackson as Axel’s son, it drummed up enough interest to get a green light on a 4th installment of the franchise. Which, needless to say, is awesome.

Paramount hired Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec [Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol] to work up a script that would bring BHC to the big screen. It’s been God knows how long since Eddie Murphy has done anything that’s NSFW, and it’s more than about time. The world is ready for Axel Foley.

Action/Comedy is a tough genre to nail, but when done right it can churn out some classics. Hell, not even the BHC franchise hit a home run each time. The second installment had almost zero action, and the ENTIRE film was Axel pretending to be someone else. From a House Inspector, to a liquid explosive delivery man, and about 50 other identities. The 3rd one was solid, but not a home run like the first.

Hopefully this is a fantastic return to form, and we’re treated to another string of bad-ass films. Hell, Nolte is mid-comeback, let’s go for One More 48Hours.