gravity movie clipAlert! Alert! Warner Bros. is in full marketing blitz formation for the Alfonso Cuaron film Gravity. Fortunately, this Renegade Reporter is really looking forward to the film (coming out October 4th here in the States) so I have no problem bringing you, the Renegade Readers, all the associated tidbits.

So, here comes another clip, #2 by my count, depicting some of the logistics of floating around by yourself without a tether or a prayer in the vast blackness of space. Here you go… Check out the Gravity movie clip!

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If you ask me (and since this is a one-sided conversation, let’s pretend you did), Sandra Bullock looks like a tour de force here. Combined with the signature long takes of Cuaron and the manliness that is Clooney, Gravity is looking more and more like a sure thing. (Just slightly kidding about that Clooney man thing.)

Stay tuned for more Gravity news and clips as they become available! What do you think of the Gravity movie clip?