One of the major panels at SDCC 13 today was for the new Vin Diesel sequel Riddick. At the event, Diesel allowed one more question before ending the whole thing. However, Diesel would soon regret this decision as an audience member asks the one question he didn’t want to answer. A guy approached and then asked “what his VISION might be for his role in the Marvel universe.” The actor chuckled and was said to have a look of regret for allowing another question.

Diesel responded by saying, that in respect to his role in Marvel,  to expect “some very big news coming at the end of the month.”

What does it all mean?!!

Well, it sounds like he got the secret part, but nothing is for sure. He also specified hes not supposed to talk about it, so there is the second clue. I dont know about you guys but I hope he is playing Rocket Raccoon. As soon as we know, we’ll have it here for you Renegades!

Who do you think Vin Diesel might be playing for Marvel?

Source: Slashfilm