It is with a heavy heart that I report the following news.

Despite rumors floating around the internet, Nicholas Cage will not be making an appearance alongside Sly and the boys (and gals) in Expendables 3. While he says he “like[s] those guys” he has not been approached to be in the action Nicholas Cagesequel. Also, contrary to popular belief, he will not be reprising his role in any way, shape or form in Kick-Ass 2. Many including Cage himself thought we would at least see his Big Daddy in a flashback, but it seems like this too was not meant to be.

Of course, Nic Cage is a wild man, and could be using elusive reverse psychological marketing tactics to throw us off the scent in one if not both cases. Surely Big Daddy deserves a flashback, no?

In even worse news, Cage said that he has put the Ghost Rider character behind him and doesn’t intend to make any more sequels. I can hear Renegade Cinema staffer Brandon Groppi sobbing from here. There, there my friend. It’ll be okay. (Hey, there’s some fodder for your next Let’s Get Ramblin’ vid!)

As a man who thoroughly enjoys the frenetic zaniness that Cage brings to every one of his roles, here’s hoping some of these comments are misinformation, and/or that he lands some other work soon. Theaters without him in it are sadder, lonelier places. Besides, you have to respect a guy who’s last comment in an interview about a semi-franchise he’s walking away from is, “I’d like to see a female Ghost Rider.”

You know what, Nic? Me too, man. Me too.

Source: Den of Geek