If someone asked you to name the first character that you think DC would be chomping at the bit to bring to the big screen next, who would you name? Aquaman? (Yeah, I’d watch it.) Shazam? (Also very interesting.) The New Guardians? (Who here has read the New 52?) Flash? (Hasn’t this one been a rumor forever?)

Diane Nelson, DC Entertainment’s president, was asked the same question. Since she would have some say in the matter when discussing future franchises/spin-offs/piggybacking with Warner Bros., monitoring her input is likely a prudent thing to do. Her first choice? A Neil Gaiman Sandman movie.

Now that’s some thinking outside the box right there.

Sandman MovieNelson also goes onto say that she thinks the Sandman property in filmed form could go on to be “as rich as the Harry Potter universe.” Stomp the brakes there Diane; there’s no doubt the potential is there, but it’s going to take a hell of a lot of work for the common moviegoer to embrace the quirky fantastical weirdness that is Gaiman’s Sandman. Still, I applaud you for choosing something a bit off the beaten path. One does wonder how big of a part DC’s efforts to revitalize the Vertigo comic book line plays in her admission, though. (Sandman was part of the Vertigo launch back in 1993. Other Vertigo titles include V for Vendetta, A History of Violence, and Preacher.)

And yes, the DC brand manager did also list Aquaman as one of her other choices for films she’s like to see next. This info was taken from a pretty interesting Q&A with Diane Nelson conducted by The Hollywood Reporter; click the source link below to read it in its entirety. And ask yourself: would you like to see terror in a handful of dust, or a dude in an orange top with green scaly pants talking to the fishies when it comes to future waves of DC comics films?

I’d take both.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter