It’s no secret that DC and Warner Bros., after the success of Man of Steel, are deciding how to move forward with the rest of their characters towards the inevitable ensemble Justice League project to compete with Marvel’s Avengers. One of the biggest questions is how to deal with Batman now that Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale are seemingly out of the solo Batman business. What direction will they take? Who will replace Bale? Where does he get all those wonderful toys? (Answer: the Wayne Enterprises R&D division.)

Batman Beyond MovieBatman on Film has an interesting proposition for you: how about going beyond the current vision of Batman? Say, to the future year of 2039, where a young whippersnapper meets up with an older Bruce Wayne and takes the mantle of the Bat, complete with futuristic costume and toys? BoF has heard “whispers” that DC and Warner may be considering a move to make the next solo Dark Knight adventure a Batman Beyond film.

There are distinct possibilities with this scenario. The biggest would be connecting the Justice League movie with the new Batman Beyond universe through Bruce Wayne. To me, the idea of, against all odds, seeing Christian Bale in Justice League as Wayne/Bats and then introducing Terry McGinnis in the future under his tutelage would be an awesome way to keep continuity with Nolan’s films while rebooting the standalone franchise. Not sure if that would ever be a possibility given Bale’s comments that it’s time to pass the Bat-Torch, but if Nolan were producing League it could be a matter of some wily negotiations. Not sure who you would pick to play McGinnis, though…would it be Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Some backstory could explain how Gordon-Levitt’s ‘Robin’ tried to take over as the Caped Crusader as suggested at the end of The Dark Night Rises, but needing to be reined back in because of improper training/injury/what have you. Then Wayne dons the suit again while training Batman Beyond MovieBlake to take over through a stellar mix of on the job training and some League of Shadows type exercises.

Of course, most of this is all just a pipe dream conjured up by your truly at this point. The fact remains that Batman on Film is one of if not the leading purveyor of Batman movie news on the web, so any whispering they’re hearing may eventually come to fruition. For my money, any creative way of moving forward with more Batman stories while breaking away from Nolan’s excellent trilogy, futuristic or not, is a step in the right direction. What do you think about a Batman Beyond movie?

Source: Batman on Film