Not sure if this is going to sway anybody on the fence when it comes to GIGANTIC ROBOTS FIGHTING ENORMOUS MONSTERS FROM THE DEEP, but Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have released one last Pacific Rim featurette to drum up interest in the film, showing some more on-film and behind-the scenes angles to prove that there is indeed some humanity behind all the action to be unleashed this Friday. The last trailer did a good job of highlighting exactly that, and so does this extended behind-the-scenes clip; check it out below.

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Listen, everyone involved in Pacific Rim, from the director and actors, to the foleys and dolly grips, hell even the gophers (you know, go-fer coffee, go-fer donuts…nah, just kidding, all that sh*t is catered on a production like this) believes in this film. You should too. If you have any interest at all in seeing what kind of shenanigans Guillermo del Toro can get up to when he’s got an actual, honest-to-God huge blockbuster-yielding budget at his disposal, this weekend is your chance. Do your part to support an original idea in Hollywood. You can go see Grown Ups 2 with your folks/friends/teenage kids the following week.

Source: Collider