We’ve heard the possibility of a Deadpool movie for a few years and for whatever reason, FOX has always remained hesitant to pull the trigger. Not surprising though. Many of the decisions FOX has made over the years have been head scratchers.

For example, the Alien Vs. Predator films. Why?

Anyway, in a new interview with Total Film, Reynolds explains his frustrations with getting the movie made. Here is what he saays:

ryan reynolds deadpool“That movie is alive and kicking, and then it’s dead as a doornail. Then it’s alive and kicking and then it’s dead… it’s like the worst relationship I’ve ever had! The character knows he’s a comic-book character, he knows he’s in a film, he knows who the executives are at the studio making the movie. In the current iteration of the script, Deadpool is aware of the Wolverine movie. He doesn’t say anything disparaging about it but he does at one point play with the Deadpool action figure with some curiosity.”

Sounds pretty humorous to me. That is one thing I love about the Deadpool character, is how self-aware he is of everything. If FOX had any smarts, they would realize that this property has a ton of potential. Especially since the writers of Zombieland helped pen the screenplay. Hopefully they hurry up and get this puppy finally rolling into production.

Are you ready for a Deadpool movie?

Source: Total Film