Welcome to week 4 of Franchise Fight Club, where every fanboy is a victim! Here at Franchise Fight Club, we aim to make sure that every beloved property is given a chance to have its ass whooped, whether you like it or not. We seek the result of every victorious outcome even if it means your franchise is a loser.

This week my fellow Renegades, we’re going to solve the world’s most profound mystery. Who would win a fight to the death? Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris? Will Bruce Lee put his greatest student to school? Or will Norris show Lee that the student has become the master? Prepare yourself folks, this is about to get rather messy.

Let’s begin!

Let’s Compare!

Bruce Lee vs Chuck NorrisBruce Lee

What cannot be said about Bruce Lee? The man is a damn legend and rightfully so. Many claim the dude is the reason why Asian cinema is so well respected today. Lee influenced many and brought martial arts to the forefront of Hollywood. Not to mention, he was the original Kato in the television version of The Green Hornet.

Lee was also famous for teaching his famous opponent Chuck Norris and once shared a battle on screen. Even though Way of the Dragon showed a winner between the two of them, it was scripted, so therefore it does not rule in Norris or Lee’s favor.

But just for gits and shiggles, here is Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris’s fight in Way of the Dragon also known as Return of the Dragon in the U.S.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3ubtnK1Hxg]

Chuck Norris

Do you fear Walker Texas Ranger? I know I do. You know, I hear the man is 1/8th Native American. Not because of his ancestry but because he literally ate a fucking Indian.

Gotta love Chuck Norris Facts.

Sporting a magnificent beard, cowboy hat, and a round-house kick that knocks the Earth off its axis, Norris is a respectable American action star of the time.

Do I have time for one more Chuck Norris fact? Yes?

There is no theory of evolution… Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris has allowed to live.

Okay, I’m done.

Additional Differences…

  • Bruce Lee has a 7 ft. statue made in his honor. Norris has a million internet memes made in his.
  • Brucw Lee played Kato on The Green Hornet for one season and starred in a Batman crossover, Norris starred in Walker Texas Ranger for 8 years then the show crossed over to the Hallmark channel.
  • Both men developed and tought styles of martial arts of their invention, but Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do had greater influence.

Which Brings Us To Combat Abilities

Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris

Bruce Lee studied the art of Wing Chun under the teachings of Yip Man. His training included sparring, wooden dummiy techniques, and various drills. The style Wing Chun utilizes fast strikes plus grappling techniques while in close range combat. Lee’s abilities and skills evolved over many years as he added his own principals and beliefs which led to his teachings of Jeet Kune Do. This guy perfected every skill he was taught from the age of 13 years old.

Chuck Norris is said to have some training from Lee, however, most of his training was in the fighting style Tang Soo Do. This style incorporates a mixture of shotokan karate, subak, taekkyon and kung fu. Norris also began his martial arts training at 18, which means Bruce Lee has 5 years of extra skill training over Chucky. To further add to his badassery, Norris was in the military while studying martial arts. This means Chucky has combat training as well.

So Who Would Win?

Before I make my final decision, let us see what the Renegade Staff thinks!

Bruce Lee vs Chuck NorrisSandy Cilla Stachowiak
I have to go with Chuck Norris on this one (last wk I woulda said Batman btw). I don’t have any reason other than the special powers his big mustache gave him. Even on Walker Tx Ranger he was kicking butt STILL.

Ryan Jarcy Bruce Lee, no contest, and simply because he was a real ass-kicking machine rather than an ultra-conservative TV re-run leftover who somehow enjoys popularity for having a talented stunt double.

Tony Beaulieu Chuck Norris. He may be an old man, but Bruce Lee is a corpse.

Ryan Jarcy true, but chuck norris is old enough to need pills to stay as stiff and firm as ol’ Bruce.

Rick Tym Gonna have to award one point to Ryan Jarcy on that…

Aidan Myles Green Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Bruce Lee as well as his late and equally great son…. but Chuck Norris would likely bring more street smarts and geographic knowledge to the fight, and if gadgets/guns are allowed, he’ll own. His brawn and testosterone-fueled know-how will prevail.

Tony Beaulieu Honestly though, Bruce Lee would win. You think he would ever let his own student beat him? One needs to look no further than Return of the Dragon for visual proof.

Aidan Myles Green ^this. But Derick did show that he’s not basing these match-ups on cinematic precedents (we saw that with your Freddy Vs. Jason match-up), so this one is up in the air. Bruce Lee is more skilled but I dunno, Chuck Norris has “it”….

Jesse Blume Chuck Norris is the student. Bruce Lee is the Master.

Ryan Jarcy i’d quote myself, but jesse nailed it. done and done

Derek Ciapala Bruce Lee. I mean Chuck Norris is a bad dude and all, but it’s freaking Bruce Lee we’re talking about.

Calibertholomew Winfield Anyone who says Chuck Norris is going to have to answer to me. In the form of me incessantly whining. Bruce Lee is on such another level in the realm of martial arts it’s ridiculous. Just look up some of the physical feats he was capable of. Doing a standing side-kick to a punching bag that put the bag flush up against the ceiling. Knocking a man 5-10ft back with a one inch punch. He’s the type of person you don’t even need to fabricate facts about in a mythical sense because they wouldn’t even equal up to the real deal. Not to mention he whooped him in Return of the Dragon, even tearing out his chest hair!


Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris

Bruce Lee Wins!!

Despite having a hilarious reputation built up by the internet, Norris lacks the experience and skillful technique Bruce developed over many years. Even if Norris utilized his combat training and brought a gun, I’m certain Lee could somehow survive a bullet by some random defense method. I know I said Way of the Drtagon wasn’t relevant to the winner and I was telling the truth, however, in this case, life imitates art. The master remains victorious!

So, there you have it! Do you agree with this winner? Are you upset that Norris is no match for the mighty Bruce Lee? Tell me why in the section below!

Next week, with Pacific Rim hitting theaters, our discussion will dive into two of the greatest cinematic monster icons of all time… Godzilla Vs. King Kong!! Tune in!