As previously predicted here at Renegade Cinema, marketing efforts are ramping up to astronomical levels as the release of Pacific Rim approaches. This week brings the fourth and final full-length trailer featuring more robot versus monster goodness, along with a look at some of the Jaeger pilots and how they work on a human level. Check it out below…

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Every trailer released so far for Pacific Rim has done a great job of selling the overall story and awesome action and effects in store for viewers; this one cries out to be seen on the biggest screen possible. What’s great about this latest trailer is how we get a look at the humans involved in the Jaeger program; most interesting to this viewer was the comment of how the better the two pilots bond (remember, they link to each other’s’ consciousness to run the Jaeger through a ‘neural handshake’ – and yup, I just geeked out a bit), the better they can fight via Jaeger. This is something I hope they explore more, and not just to the point of two pilots spatting a little just to get over it through the utterance of a simple “C’mon, let’s do this!!!” rally cry. I have faith in del Toro, so I believe I’ll get more than that.

The only criticism that might be leveled against this marketing campaign? The overexposure of Idris Elba’s “Today, we are cancelling the Apocalypse” speech…this moment should have been a rousing call to arms in the face of the possible end of humanity in Pacific Rim. But, now that we’ve seen it in roughly a dozen trailers and television/internet spots and clips, viewers are going to nod slightly instead of getting chills/goose bumps, waiting for the speech they’ve seen a million times to end so the robot and monster mayhem can continue. Just a minor nitpick, I guess, since we’re all going to see this for the mayhem, but it would’ve remained a much more effective sequence had it not reached the point of oversaturation.

As I’m sure you all know based on this marketing blitz, Pacific Rim opens July 12th.

Source: Latino Review