In this week’s Falling Skies episode Badlands, the mole may have been revealed, Tom and Anne’s baby was still shaking up Anne, and the group lost a good soldier.

The Breakdown

In preparation for an attack, Weaver’s team, along with the Berserkers, was guarding the area.  Suddenly gunfire broke out, but not from alien soldiers – they were human.  Crazy Lee, a member of Pope’s Berserkers, was shot but saved by her vest.  Unfortunately, she fell back on a metal spike that went into the back of her head.  Still alive, but then blind, Pope and Matt tried to save her.

Weaver’s team was able to capture one of the shooters.  Unfortunately she would not reveal anything worthwhile during questioning.  Tom believed they were attacked because they were viewed as friends of the aliens.  The shooter did finally say something when Tom questioned her – that he was not the President – someone else was…

Hal tried to explain to Maggie that Karen put a worm inside him and he believed he was the mole.  Because of this, he tried to leave but Maggie would not allow it.  She tried to talk to him and wanted to help.

Tom and Anne’s baby was still doing things beyond her age.  When Anne tried to take blood from her heel for tests, the baby jerked back her foot and said, “Don’t”.  Anne finally explained to Lourdes what the baby had been doing, but Lourdes was convinced that Anne was the one with the problem.  Once Tom found out what was going on and that Lourdes thought it was postpartum depression in Anne, Tom asked Lourdes to keep an eye on her.

Pope and Matt finally got Crazy Lee free from the spike with a hack saw and took her to the hospital.  Since the spike went all the way through her head, Lourdes explained that it was actually the only thing keeping her alive.  Pope, Matt, and Tom said their good-bye’s to Crazy Lee before she peacefully passed.  Pope and Matt had a hard time with her death.

At the town meeting Tom showed everyone a new sculpture in the center – a Liberty Tree.  Everyone was to write down the name of someone they love that passed away since the first attack.  It was a serene moment until alien ships flew overhead.  Tom and Anne’s baby looked up at the ships with almost a smile on her face as they passed over.

The Analysis

This week’s Falling Skies was definitely a good episode.  The different story lines each have their own interesting part in the big picture.

The Hal, Maggie, Karen story should play out pretty well in the upcoming episodes.  They seem to be toning it down a little bit right now, but I have a feeling it will all heat up soon. 

Tom and Anne’s baby girl was still up to her tricks.  I am still very curious to see how she would be alien or even part alien.  Talking and standing is crazy for a 3-week old infant, so it seems that she advanced with help from somewhere – or someone!

The prisoner that Weaver took into custody should also have some interesting things to say coming soon.  Knowing there is another President someplace seemed to make Tom and Weaver a little nervous.  Personally, I think more attacks are on the way.

So far so good for Season 3.  If the episodes stay this good Falling Skies should be much more entertaining and possibly bring more viewers this time around.