True Blood Season 6 Premiere RecapLast we saw the True Blood gang, Bill had just drank the entire bottle of Lilith’s blood, died, and came back as Billith. Just as he surged towards Eric & Sookie, the episode was over.

The episode picks up accordingly, as Eric & Sookie run out of the building. Eric, Pam, Tara, Eric’s sister, and Jessica are heading out of the building as well. Everybody makes it, and as they drive away they see a naked, bloody Bill fly into the sky. Driving down the road they hear a live press conference with the Governor of Louisiana saying that vampires will now have a curfew.

Else where, we see Sam, Luna, and Luna’s daughter make it out of the Authority’s building, only for Luna to die almost immediately. Before she passes she makes Sam promise to take care of her daughter. I’d have also thrown in something like “also, eat your left shoe”. I mean, the person would have to do it. It’s you’re dying wish. They’d have to eat their own shoe because the dead person asked them to.

Eric Northman & the gang stop the SUV to figure out what to do next. We learn that Warlow is in the Vampire Bible, and was Lilith’s apprentice. Jason pitches a fit because he’s sick of vampires, and sick of Sookie always taking their side. Just then, Jessica is summoned by Bill. Eric won’t let her, and she starts coughing up blood, saying it feels like her heart is being ripped apart. Sookie gets Eric to let Jessica go, and escorts her wherever Bill is summoning her to. Eric and his sister fly off into the night, while Jason finally stops running and begins to hitchhike. As luck would have it, a station wagon shows up to offer Jason a ride. Who’s behind the wheel? Why none other than Rutger Hauer. I don’t know if it’s make-up or not, but Rutger looks so old it’s as if he were built out of sand or something.

Alcide is with his new pack, joining in on the eating of the former Pack Master before they all go for a run.

We head on over to the Bellefleur place, as Andy admits to Arlene that he’s afraid of being a terrible dad. Newly minted father, Sam Merlotte, arrives at his bar to find Lafayette there sipping on tequila and wielding a shotgun. Lafayette says that what happened with Luna has been all over TV, and Sam makes him promise that he’ll never mention that he saw them tonight.

Sookie & Jessica arrive at Compton Manor, and work their way up stairs, stakes in hand. They head to the deck outside of Bill’s room, and see him cleaned up, dressed & looking as he always has. He says they have nothing to fear. Just then, Eric & his sister come flying out of the sky in an attempt to stake him. He makes short work of them, however as he’s distracted with Eric, Sookie stakes him. Fat load of good it did her, as after dealing with the initial discomfort, Bill pulls the stake from himself. He says he means them no harm, and doesn’t want them to be afraid. He’s not sure exactly what he is. They argue for a second before Jessica tells them all to leave, that Bill is her maker and she’s going to stand by his side.

Meanwhile, Eric is bombing down the road with Hauer, telling him all about what’s going on.

Over at Fangtasia, Pam & Tara arrive, and immediately start arguing as Tara tries to get Pam to forget about Eric, thinking that he’s an asshole and Pam shouldn’t be so loyal to the guy. Naturally, Pam disagrees and says she’ll cause harm if Tara speaks badly about Eric again. Just then, a SWAT team enters the building with orders to shut down all Vampire owned business’, per the orders of the Gov of Louisiana. Tara of course is defiant, and is quickly shot down with something that’s yet to be identified. As for the Governor, he’s having a meeting with a Tru Blood rep, and says he’d like to become a silent partner, and allow them to use a bottling company he owns, that was once a place for a natural tea beverage. The Tru Blood rep is all for it.

Catching up with Alcide, he turns back into a human in order to canoodle with a female wolf, only for his lady friend from season 4 to show up, seemingly upset. She cuts in and starts making out with Alcide, while the other one walks away. She stops her, and asks her where she thinks she’s going, and orders her to return. She then informs Alcide that she is his number one bitch. Man, do I know what he’s going through. I mean, can’t a guy go for a simple jog without being thrown into a threesome with 2 hot chicks? Sometimes being a guy isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Over at the Bellefleurs, Andy is awoken by his children, who are now around the age of 3. Needless to say, Andy, Arlene, and Terry are all a bit surprised. See, myself, as an avid fan of bodybuilding, I’ll expect this of my children as they’ll make sure to have their Flintstone’s Chewable Anabolic Steroids every day.

Back at Sookie’s house, Eric signs over the house back to her, as they both discuss how they really want things to return to how they were when they first met.

We check back in with Jason, who’s just wrapping up his story. He wonders what he’ll do about Warlow, to which the driver says that Sookie cannot avoid Warlow, and that’s that. Jason wants to know how this guy knows Sookie’s name, and oh snaps, it’s Warlow himself. Rugter’s a good choice for a lead vamp, as he’s done it 3 other times before. His most famous probably being that of Lothos in the underrated Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Jason quickly pulls a gun and aims for Warlow’s head, however he just vanishes into thin air as the car, now driverless, heads for a tree.

Over at Compton Manor, Bill & Jessica have a talk about what he’s become. He says he has no idea, but is interested in finding out. Jessica says she was terrified of him earlier,  and he promises the man who caused that is no longer around. Bill brought Jessica a cup of Tru Blood, and as she sets it down it falls, but then hovers in mid-air, being controlled by Bill’s thoughts. It then  floats back into the cup and on top of the nightstand. Jessica asks if Bill knew he could do that, and he answers no, he’s just as surprised as her. He heads downstairs where he hears someone saying “William
Compton”. Heading into his study, he sees Lilith standing in the corner, and quickly realizes there’s at least 3 of her standing in 3 different corners. They each rush him and enter his body, and we’re out.

Last Word: Not a huge bang of a return episode, as this felt more like something you’d get mid-season. That isn’t a bad thing however. True Blood has always been top of the pile when it comes to pacing, characters, and captivating writing. This episode was no exception. Bill’s development is something new & interesting, and I hope it’s not revealed he’s a fairy now or something. Rutger is a great choice for Warlow, and I look forward to seeing him chew the scenery.