In what has to be considered nothing more than ludicrous news/rumors, The Wall Street Journal reported on June 16 that the Man of Steel sequel (Man of Tomorrow) may get fast tracked for a 2014 release with Justice League coming out in 2015. This isn’t a geek site making assumptions, but the Wall Street Freaking Journal citing “knowledgeable people.”

Keep in mind that the Wall Street Journal is a money paper, so the people they know might be money people. The last thing the DC Comics franchise needs making decisions is money people. If a Man of Steel sequel is fast tracked to NEXT YEAR, there is next to no way the movie is going to be any good. David S. Goyer needs time to get the script right, he needs to work with Zack Snyder on telling the right story, the movie needs to be shot and plenty of time needs to be put into the special effects.

That is not 12 months worth of work for the Man of Steel sequel.

The reason Marvel movies are so great is because they took their time. They put out two movies a year, but they plan these out a few years in advance. They don’t just see dollar signs and tell the filmmakers to give them a new movie in 12 months.

Plus, if the Man of Steel sequel is fast tracked, and they want Justice League out in 2015, that kills any chance of sitting up that movie with any kind of planning. This is why Marvel is a success story, and Warner Bros./DC has The Dark Knight and Man of Steel as the lone movies standing among mishaps and false starts.

Don’t screw this up.

Source: Wall Street Journal