A few weeks ago, Joss Whedon announced that the Marvel casting rumors that¬†Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch would be joining the Avengers roster for the 2015 film, Avengers 2, were true. Since that time, it’s been announced that Quicksilver will also be appearing in X-Men: Days of Future Past, where he will be portrayed by Evan Peters. The Avengers version of the character has yet to be cast at this point, but there’s currently a rumor about who it could be.

Latino Review’s El Mayimbe has reported that Marvel is currently in talks with Aaron Taylor-Johnson regarding the role of Quicksilver. Taylor-Johnson is best known for portraying the title character in KickAss, and its upcoming sequel, along with the Oliver Stone film, Savages.¬†If Taylor-Johnson does accept the role, he’ll join the ranks of Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, and others who have played multiple superheroes. At this time, there’s no news regarding who will be playing the Scarlet Witch.

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Source: Latino Review