The second part of the Falling Skies Season Premiere entitled Collateral Damage showed just as much action as the first part.  More happened with Hal and his nightmares of walking in the woods, a new character was introduced that helped on a mission, and Tom and Anne’s baby was still stirring up questions.

The Breakdown

In the second part of the Season Premiere, Collateral Damage, Falling Skies picked up right where it left off in the first hour.  The military team was planning another attack on the Skitters, but was concerned about a nuclear reactor that might leak in the process.

Suddenly Tom and Anne’s newborn baby girl was moving around even more and talking more than in the first hour.  Anne turned around for a minute and her baby who was on the bed was gone; however, the baby kept calling for Anne, “Mama, Mama”.  Anne looked all over the room and seemed pretty freaked out.  She found the baby, under the bed, propped up – the baby then looked at her and said, “Mama”.  Anne was in shock.

Tom and his team decided to enlist the help of Dr. Cadar, who had been living underground, to help with the nuclear reactor.  They planned to bring him to it to deactivate it; however, the doctor had not been above ground in some time and was very resistant.  After deactivating the reactor, they were to blow up the buildings.  Tom, Weaver and the team prepared.

After the team was gone, the mole snuck in and gathered the information on where the attack would take place from the plans on the table.  What the mole did not know was that Colonel’s Weaver’s team’s plan was only a distraction for the Skitters and to flush out the mole, while Tom took his team and Dr. Cadar to the reactor.

All concluded as they planned; unfortunately Weaver lost a few of his men and Maggie had quite a battle shooting the enemy while Tom and Dr. Cadar took care of the reactor.

Tom and Weaver were recapping the mission and discussing how Dr. Cadar may be able to help figure out the weapon the Volm was working on – when the leader, Cochise walked into the room.  He said they should expect a huge attack on Charleston soon.

Hal was still having nightmares, except this time Maggie woke up and searched for him.  She found him in the woods, walking just fine, until she woke him and he collapsed in her arms.  Karen and one of the Skitters watched.

The Analysis

I am used to the attacks and gun action, which seems to be plentiful already this season.  However, this story line with Tom and Anne’s baby is really something interesting!  The baby is hiding under beds and talking…it is a newborn!  They did a great job, in my opinion, in this scene with Anne and the baby.  It reminded me of something from a horror movie.  I am really interested to see how this plays out, because I don’t understand how the baby could be part alien.  But then again, maybe something went on in those seven months that we have yet to discover.

The other interesting story line is Hal walking to meet Karen.  Obviously he can walk to see her and those were not nightmares after all, as Maggie discovered.  If Karen is the new leader for the enemy, she must have some great powers and talents that will be uncovered.

Overall, it was a pretty good Season Premiere of Falling Skies and as I said before, I hope this is a sign of things to come and a better season.