Did you know that Insidious was the most profitable film of 2011? This reporter was a fan of the flick and didn’t know that until today. Looking at the numbers, it only cost $1.5M to make and grossed just over $54M in the States. That’s a pretty good ROI based on domestic figures, and gets even better when considering a worldwide gross of approximately $97M. Fan or not, you knew a sequel was coming.

And so it is…Insidious Chapter 2 is slated for release on Friday the 13th of September. A full trailer has been released; give it a look below.

[fresh_video url=”http://youtu.be/Juf1-xwnba8″]

We here at Renegade Cinema picked up some interesting tidbits about a Q&A with returning director James Wan from the Latino Review website. During the Q&A, Wan stated that Insidious Chapter 2 will be one part haunted house tale, and one part _____________ tale. Not sure what fills in that blank, but he also stated that time travel will be an element of the sequel.

The mention of time travel perked up this Renegade Reporter’s ears. Remember how Insidious Chapter 1 ended? Josh, played by Patrick Wilson, seems to have been possessed by a less than friendly entity upon returning from “The Further” with his son in tow. I always wondered how they would get themselves out of that proverbial painted corner, and time travel may be a potential clue (?). I mean, c’mon, the guy choked a clairvoyant dead. Unless they pull some really poor bait and switch to explain the ending of the first film, I’m thinking there’ll be some kind of parallel/prequel storytelling technique a la Paranormal Activity 2 employed here. Consider the sources of both films and you can see a possible connection.

Regardless, Insidious proved to be one of those little horror movies that could, and the first half of the original makes up for a semi-lackluster concluding act. It deserves a sequel, and if the directors and producers learn a little bit from the reaction to the first outing (once again: first half, great; second half, not bad) they could easily right the ship and provide the same level of scares without running out of steam as they approach the finish of the second chapter.

Source: Latino Review