It was just yesterday that D-Rock talked about how Sam Mendes might be coming back for the next James Bond movie. Other sites started to try to debunk that rumor, but now it looks like it was true and Mendes might actually be coming back for two more James Bond movies.

The news came from Showbiz 411’s Roger Friedman, who says it is pretty much confirmed. He reports that Mendes is pretty much a lock for Bond 24 and is in serious negotiations to come back for Bond 25, which is the last film that Daniel Craig is signed up for.

Originally, Mendes pulled out because he wanted to do some stage directing in Britain, but it looks like Sony pulled up with a truckload of cash and he re-considered. While a ton of other directors have been mentioned for the job (I can’t even imagine how awesome it would be to have Chris Nolan directing a James Bond movie), Mendes is who the producers wanted back.

If Sam Mendes can just come close to the level of excellence he did with Skyfall, the James Bond movies will be in solid hands.

Source: Slash Film