If you hate remakes, the Coen Brothers feel your pain. There are a lot of great classic films in the Coen Brothers past, including The Big Lebowski. The good news for those who don’t like re-hashes is that the Coen Brothers say they will never make a Big Lebowski sequel.

They also won’t make a sequel to any of their other films, from Barton Fink to Burn After Reading and No Country for Old Men.

While fans have clamored for a sequel with Jesus Quintana, the Big Lebowski sequel will not see the light of day. While talking to The Toronto Star, Joel Coen straight up said no one should expect one because he doesn’t like sequels. The sound you hear right now is thousands of film fans cheering that statement while many Coen Brothers fans simultaneously lament never seeing Lebowski in a new adventure.

Even with John Turturro wanting a Big Lebowski sequel based on his character, it won’t happen. Ethan Coen even said that Turturro has an entire story lined up, but they aren’t interested. Do you consider this good news or are you kind of bummed? Pour another Caucasian and then let us know.

Source: The Toronto Star