June 14th is fast approaching, and as the days click by towards summer it’s obvious that more and more Man of Steel info will pop up. Personally, this writer is actively avoiding any spoilers and limiting internet clicks associated with Kal-El to trailer views only.

Which makes today my lucky day, since a new Man of Steel trailer has just been released. Check it out below and remember: you are not alone..

[fresh_video url=”http://youtu.be/NlOF03DUoWc”]

In other words, here comes Zod! Michael Shannon looks more and more fantastic in the role the more he is revealed, and it’s great to see such a fabulous performer play a prominent role in what is sure to be a blockbuster summer movie. This preview is another in a great line of promotional material being released as we ramp up for the return of Superman. (The best trailer is still the one where Kevin Costner as Pa Kent tells a young Clark, “You are my son.” Didn’t tear up. Nope, not even once.) More mayhem is on display here, which can only mean good things; those of you that are observant probably noticed all the super punches and even some heat vision. There are plenty of other things to wonder about, such as Superman being pulled into a heap of skulls and whether Faora (Zod’s female sidekick) will be helping or hurting Lois Lane by putting that space helmet on her (in other words, is she aiding in Lois’ escape or taking her aboard Zod’s ship as a prisoner?). If one puts all of the pieces together from the various promotional trailers and TV spots, it finally seems safe to get enthusiastic about Man of Steel. The stakes are high (the threat of Faora saying “For every human you save, we will kill a million more” is chilling), the bond between mother (Earth) and adopted son (Clark) is evident, and there have been glimpses of trademark humor and (gasp!) actual emotion amidst the dire circumstances. And why, exactly has Zod traveled across an ocean of stars to hunt Kal-El? The last time Zod popped up in the Superman cinematic universe it was with thoughts of Earthly domination coupled with revenge for being imprisoned by Jor-El in the Phantom Zone. Does the same storyline hold true here?

Time to get excited, as we’re only a few weeks away from finding out. Man of Steel looks every bit to be the type of Superman film that fans have been clamoring for since the mixed reception of Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns. June 14th can’t get here soon enough!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter