The Game is one of those rare thrillers that can entertain its audience while forcing them to ponder at the same time. It exhibits great acting from Michael Douglas and Sean Penn as well as top notch directing by David Fincher, who still had yet to become a household name.

The basic premise of The Game revolves around a wealthy yet emotionally distant man, Nicholas Van Orton (Douglas), who reluctantly accepts his brother’s invitation to partake in “the game”, which is shrouded in ambiguity yet glorified as a life-changing experience. However, once Van Orton is sucked into his game, the shit hits the fan really quick. It leaves you guessing until the very end, but the payoff is strangely sublime and well-done.

The following poster incorporates imagery that I felt defined the movie as a whole. The clown doll that Van Orton retrieves from his driveway personifies the cold, enigmatic amusement that the game’s engineers seem to be displaying as the film progresses. The puzzle pieces, which were also used in the theatrical poster, were essential for obvious reasons; the whole movie is basically a puzzle that slowly comes together so Van Orton can confront his tormenters. Lastly, the falling man was important because the emotional backbone of the film ties into that image in a profound way.

If you haven’t seen The Game, you’re definitely missing out. It’s a movie that warrants multiple views and reveals new layers the more you come back to it.