Norma decided she wants to move, Dylan got a little too close to Bradley, Norman had thoughts of drowning someone, and Abernathy continued to harass Norma in Underwater.

The Breakdown

In this week’s Bates Motel Norma tried to explain to Sheriff Romero that she thought Jake Abernathy was the one who put Deputy Shelby’s corpse in her bed.  Romero seemed reluctant to believe her, but Dylan offered up the information Abernathy gave when he checked in.  Romero said he would check it out.

bates motel underwaterNorma then discovered the trimmers that Dylan brought to stay at the motel were smoking pot.  Sitting on the front porch of the motel getting high was not something that Norma would stand for, but the group was confused at her irate reaction.  She told Emma, who was now working at the motel, that if she caught any of them smoking pot she was to get them to stop.  When Emma came upon a situation to do so, one of the trimmers seemed to take a liking to her.  The next day he left her a pot-filled cupcake with a note signed “Gunner”.

Norman’s teacher was impressed with a story that he wrote and wanted him to have it published.  Norman was tickled but was told to get his mother’s permission.  His teacher also complimented him on his grades and told him that she thought the school was good for him.

bates motel underwaterLater that evening Norman was researching the meaning of drowning in dreams when Dylan saw him.  Norman explained that it was Bradley he was drowning, but it was just a dream and not to worry.  Dylan seemed very concerned.

Meanwhile, Bradley approached Dylan in town and asked for his help in retrieving her father’s belongings from his office at Gil’s.  Dylan was reluctant, but agreed.  When Dylan started to ask Gill about the office containing the belongings, Gil cut him off and made it clear that Bradley’s father put him in a very bad spot.  He gave Dylan the office for his own.  Dylan thought he could box up all of the belongings and give them to Bradley; however, when he told Bradley this she became very upset.  She wanted to spend a few moments in her father’s office.

bates motel underwaterNorma paid a visit to her realtor telling him to put the motel on the market because the upcoming bypass was not revealed when she bought it.  She also hated that town and wanted out. She demanded an open house that weekend and planned to move as soon as possible.

Later as Norma was cleaning one of the rooms, she spotted Abernathy driving slowly passed the motel.  Then a few nights later she received flowers with a note saying “see you soon”.  She knew right away it was Abernathy, but upon showing the note to Romero he was not sure she was right.  He had found no information on the man and let Norma know that all the details they were given were fake.

When Norman found out that Norma wanted to put the motel back on the market and move away, he became infuriated.  He demanded that they stay.  Soon Emma arrived after eating the cupcake left for her by Gunner.  Realizing she was high, Norma asked Norman to get her some food and drink in hopes of bringing her down.

bates motel underwaterDylan caved into Bradley and agreed to bring her to her father’s office.  Shortly after arriving they were shot at – by Remo.  Dylan explained why they were there and although Remo completely disagreed with what they were doing, he let them go.  Bradley fiddled around her father’s desk for a bit and then found some love letters from a woman named “B”.  Bradley was very upset and she and Dylan shared a hug.

Norma did not have a mattress since the boys carried out the soiled one Deputy Shelby’s body laid on, so she climbed into bed with Norman.  Despite his offer to sleep on the floor, Norma wanted them to share the bed.  The next day Norman told his teach that he decided not to ask his mother about having his story published.  His teacher suggested that they have it published anyway.

Norma revisited her realtor about selling the motel and quickly found it that he would not put it back on the market and she was clearly underwater on the deal.  Norma flipped out hitting him with her purse and threatening to sue.  After leaving the office she was startled when a hand came up to cover her mouth from behind in her car.  Abernathy held a gun to her head and said he wanted his money – the money Summers owed him.  He wanted Norma to give him $150,000.  All Norma could do to get out of the clutches of Abernathy was to agree to give him the money.

The Analysis

Bates Motel’s Underwater was another great episode.  More and more interesting characters are either popping up or playing bigger roles in the lives of the Bates family (and their friends).  This really adds to the show because it brings out more of the main characters’ traits and weaknesses.

bates motel underwaterDylan and Bradley are getting very cozy and Norman is bound to find out soon just how much.  He already had thoughts of drowning her this week.  So, I am wondering what he will really do when he finds out that she has a thing for his brother!  I knew something was up with the looks Dylan and Bradley exchanged previously.

Norma, poor Norma, is underwater on her motel and itching to get out of that town.  I cannot blame her honestly.  It has been one thing after another and they were not small things!  Murder, marijuana, sex rings, creepy strangers demanding money – I would want to leave too!  And, it was obvious that Norma finally figured out what Dylan does for a living.  But, I do not think that the Bates family will be leaving White Pine Bay anytime soon.  They will definitely be in the motel for next week’s season finale!