On this week’s episode of Hawaii Five-0, emptied graves brought Kono to some realizations about Adam and McGarrett got to play with three black ops retirees to help his mother.

The Breakdown

He Welo ʻOihana started off with a man chasing trespassers through a field, but was abruptly stopped as he fell into a large hole.  He was found immediately and shot by those he was chasing.  The hole appeared to be a grave.  After Five-0 arrived they counted eleven other empty graves.  Max determined that these once held bodies and took samples to identify who had been buried there.  The bodies were recently moved.

Hawaii Five-0 He Welo OihanaAfter a bit of research it was determined that the field of graves was a Yakuza body dumping ground.  Since Kono believed that Adam could still be involved with Yakuza, she offered to talk to him.  In the meantime, Danny and Chin Ho tried to get more information from Adam’s brother Michael.  When Kono does not get what she hoped for from Adam, other than that he was trying to cut family ties to the Yakuza, she left.  The cloned phone she made rang and she heard enough to warrant a trip to a nearby warehouse.

Catherine told McGarrett she received a call from a friend at the FBI.  He said that someone had been hacking their database and their suspect was McGarrett’s mother Doris.  McGarrett confronted Doris who had a few other retired ops in her back room laying out a plan.  McGarrett was informed that the missing microfiche that was stolen from Doris’s home was found in the office of an ex-CIA pal named Simon Cain.  They were planning to steal the microfiche back.

Hawaii Five-0 He Welo OihanaWhile Kono was at the warehouse she discovered several barrels.  Upon opening one, she found a body but before she could investigate further two men arrived so she hid.  Suddenly Kono pulled her gun on the two men and a gunfight broke out.  Kono took down one of the men, but while she worked to take down the second man she was hit just as she hit him.  After calling in for help, Kono passed out.  Once helped arrived the medics assured the remaining Five-0 that Kono would be fine, but needed to go to the hospital.  The team determined that the two men were Yakuza hit men, the same ones that shot the man in the field.

McGarrett forced his help on Doris and her crew to retrieve the stolen microfiche.  The group was prepared for the large amount of security the building held as well as a way to break into the safe in Cain’s office holding the microfiche.  After passing through and making it to the safe, McGarrett and Doris were caught.  McGarrett was able to escape, but Doris was not as lucky.  Cain was brought in and demanded the microfiche back otherwise he would kill Doris.  The group came upon McGarrett who was holding the microfiche over a burning pot.  Using a slight-of-hand, McGarrett was able to make Cain believe he burned the microfiche when in reality he still had it.  He showed it to Doris after Cain and his men released them.

Hawaii Five-0 He Welo OihanaAdam paid a visit to Kono in the hospital.  He apologized for not being honest with Kono but when she was about to confess something to him as well, she was taken by a nurse for some tests.  While waiting for Kono to return, Adam’s phone rang.  He heard another exact ring and soon found the cloned phone Kono had in her bag.

As McGarrett and Danny were back at HQ, Max showed up.  He stated that he pulled a bullet from one of the barrel victims and ran it through ballistics.  The results came back showing it was from Kono’s gun.

The Analysis

This week’s Hawaii Five-0 had a few stories happening at once.  There was the case with the shooting in the field, Kono’s relationship with Adam and how he may be related to the field via the Yakuza, Doris on a mission to steal back her microfiche, and even a little bit of Danny’s relationship.

Hawaii Five-0 He Welo OihanaEach story was good and the main case intertwined with Kono and Adam.  I think we knew all along that Adam was still hiding a lot from Kono.  His continued involvement with the Yakuza remains to be seen.  I am sure next week’s season finale will reveal much more on this subject than expected.

McGarrett helping Doris and her little clan of retired ops was actually pretty good.  There were a few comical moments and of course some operative action took place.  It was entertaining to say the least.  McGarrett and Doris really play well of each other.

All of this was a good lead-in to next week’s season finale.  I cannot wait to see what will be revealed on all fronts!